how to germinate?

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  1. i put a seed in a cup of water untill it didn't float anymore then i put the seed about 1/2 inch in some moist soil and i have it under m fish tank right now(just put the seed in)

    will the seed sprout and how long should it take?
  2. 1-maybe
    2- couple of days

    Keep it warm- 72-80

    I prefer using the wet paper towel method, i have never tried putting it in water but i have had good success just putting the seed in moist soil with seran wrap over it

    good luck:D
  3. i use to always put them on top of the soil, and watch them, then when they sprouted id throw som dirt over them and and wait for the sprout

    Man when u see that thing its like having a new born baby aint it!!!

  4. sure is... and just as fragile too
  5. That seed might not even germinate the way to germinate most seeds is with jiffy greenhouses.
  6. Oh really? News to me... :rolleyes:
  7. And why not? Could you enlighten some of us as to why it would not germinate? I have been using this method for years and get 100% germination. I would also like to know why "Jiffy Greenhouses" are the "way to germinate" and on what do you base this from?

  8. Wet paper towel works perfect when they split and grow a root put them in soil no light needed until they break the surface use bottled water 100 percent i just did 20 and 20 of them sprouted
  9. I'd watch using bottled water, just because it's purified doesn't mean it's PHed. Most bottled water is too acidic for new plants, just a little insight.
  10. No doubt and in my case just as spoiled to but i dont think none of us are gonna have only childs!!!


    and for the guy who said the jiffy green houses that may have been the best for him and thats fine but in nature there aint no green house effect its just soil, but i mean in the u s does weed ever grow wild any more???

    itd be news to me if it did since the pricks in d.c wont legaluize it, the only reason they wont is cause every1 would just grow there own and theyd loose money!!!

    i mean it aint like weed is as near as profitable as coke or heroin, WTF!!!

    sorry had to vent any way, i think, everyones methods are different and something that works for some may not work for others

    im telling u guys this shit has alot in common with the salt water hobby, its just illegal, lol:devious:
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    I base my knowledge from experience and i dont grow only bagseed and I have had 100%
    success with the jiffy stuff and failures with the paper towel crap.

    as for the ph it can be manipulated and weed seeds germinate good in soil and humidity also you can
    put wat ever the fuck u want as a medium in the greenhouse

    the seed MIGHT not grow from being moved around so much

  12. I remember reading somewhere that the california national forests were being over grown with wild weed, but i don't know where i got this
  13. That sucks it dosent grow wild in INDIANA, cause id go find it lol

    I plan on germing my seeds for my mother plants in this stuff i got from lowes thats kinda like rock wool cubes but i think its alot like peat moss its like these little bags with HARD ass dirt in them but when u add water they swell up!!

    and when u transplant all u do is add your soultion or potting mix or organiic mix or what ever

    here is a pic!!!


  14. My seeds sunk the second I threw them in the water..
    I waited 'til the root came out nicely for almost half a centimer. ehhh.. a sixt of an inch is that in america i think..

    My ''plant'' is now an inch long

  15. You have done it exactly right, IMHO, that is just what I do. Keep it warm, 75-80F and moist, they pop in 1 to 5 days.
    No advantage whatever in using paper towels, they just rip the little hairs off the root.

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