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How to fully experience the effects of weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by h2xhardcore, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. I got a vape cloud (wax) and a pipe

    I have og dank bud

    How can I use weed to look deep into my self and future

    Also what else do u guys like to do wen ur high besides games , tv

    I want to think and experience weed differently then I have been

    I'm a daily smoker 19 male
    Community college 3.3 GPa
  2. If you get really really high, switch of the all the lights, lie down close your eyes and listen to Enya - absolutely fucking amazing.
  3. What "effects" do you fully want to experience? Just smoke a lot more than you're used to in a joint, you'll definitely experience it ;) :hippie:

  4. I remember when I didn't have such a higher tolerance, I used to close my eyes and Feel like I'm on a Roller Coaster, to the point I would not be able to keep them closed anymore!

    Good times, good times :smoking:
  5. As Terrence mckenna said, only way to truly experience the herb, is to have 5g and smoke it all in utter darkness, I imagine that would be NUTZ
  6. I do all of that


    Anything else good
  7. Get nice and toasty, then go watch an iMax movie.
  8. Take your weed for a walk. I like to go out in nature. Maybe a park or nature trail. Smoke the bud, look at the trees/leaves/sky etc. and contemplate your life. I always have some pretty cool realizations when I'm chiefin outside
  9. Eat a full meal....and have some side munchies and tons of water and drinks.

    Get two different types of hashes. One sativa dominant, and one indica dominant. Smoke em both.

    Get into documentaries. They can be addicting when stoned.

    Watch ones you are interested in. It will give you some insight. But more importantly reflect, turn inward, and play on some bigger concepts, and go from there, cuz more than likely there's been a documentary on that. :D
  10. This.

  11. This...also try some lemongrass oil before schmoking
  12. Smoke at least 3 bowls of dank bud to get those effects. I do warn you though: smoking a lot may feel ok at first, but it can sometimes sneak up on you and scare the shit out of you.

    This once happened to me with a friend. It was a bit scary at first, but then later we spent an hour just seeing freaky patterns and shapes on my carpet and saying the weirdest shit about the forces of the world or something like that.

  13. Im out of bud and only got kief. Super high here i come!
  14. Sometimes wen I get that high I feel like I stop breathing u know what I mean lol

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