how to force flower

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  1. ive seen pple who have buds on their plants alrdy this year but they are too young for that and didnt even intentionaly do it and noticed they where still in plastic cups so i was wondering if u can root bound to force flower?
  2. all you have to do to force flower is switch you time schedule for it to 12 hours of light 12 hours of night. thats all it takes. so if your out doors(which i dont have knowledge of) i would assume to cover it up somehow, but indoors simply set a timer or manually control it to 12 hours on 12 hours off (12/12)
  3. This is outdoors "hence this year.." and my question wasnt how to make a plant flower i alrdy know how... my question is can root bounding the plant cause it to prematurely flower?
  4. i mean it can if you dig a hole and just use those plastic things( im stoned i forgot what their called) and restrain them you could try and do so, im not really a pro out doorer.
  5. To your question, no, purposely letting a plant get rootbound will just hurt the plant and if anything will stunt flowering. What forces flowering is length of dark cycle (12+ hours uninterrupted dark, which in turn is a function of your latitude and geography), light spectrum (shift to red/2700k), and it helps to switch ferts to a flowering fert that is lower in nitrogen.

    Outdoors you are at the mercy of Mother Nature.
  6. Take a look at the plants. If they're still pretty small, they may be autoflowering dwarfs. Of course, there are autoflowering plants which aren't dwarfs, so this is a possibility as well. Basically it's a plant, which has been crossed with ruderalis, which flowers after a set period of time, generally 3 weeks or so. The fact that you said they're still in plastic cups points to dwarf plants.

    Odds are, if they're growing outdoors, and their plants are flowering, they're either autoflowers, or they're cutting light off to the plants after 12 hours (this could be achieved by covering them with something which allows no light pollution).

    In fact, people growing dwarfs outside can easily harvest twice in a season.

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