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How to Flush ?

Discussion in 'Sick Plants and Problems' started by nemesysmood, May 6, 2009.

  1. can someone point me into flushing roots? it should be delicate process that needs to be done carefully and will not harm my lady .. right ? tips ?

    Thanks. :wave:
  2. Harvest time and u need to flush or just in between ur rez change. iN dirt or hydro? Dirt; flush with 6.5-6.7 Ph'd tap water 3x the size of pot(1gal pot would be 3gal water) i do hydro so its a matter of changing rez out and flush for a wk,,dirt flushes longer:smoke:
  3. move your plant into your shower to allow the runoff to drain out. then add one gallon of some pH balanced water (pH 6-7), let it drain, then add another gallon, let it drain, etc etc until you've gone through 3x's the pot size (as Tbud was mentioned). make sure the pH of the runoff is the same as the pH of the water before you added it to the soil too, this way you know your plant is going to be happy. :)
  4. ;) Thank you all !

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