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How to flush?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by canadiankush19, Apr 19, 2013.

  1. Im not flushing my plants yet but im wondering how much do i flush? Ive been searching and it says 3x more water then your pots can hold

    Only problem is im in 8 gallon pots and have 2 plants, so id need 48 gallons to flush? Just seems like way too much water to me but i dont know i didnt use nutes in my last grow so i barley flushed
  2. I use 5 gal on 3 gal pots

    Flushing is just to get shit out so what I do is use final phase from advanced nutrients. I flush with that one week wait for it to dry out then flush with just water and I have great taste so I'm told

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  3. For the last week and a half to 2 weeks of your flowering cycle only water with plain h20 (no nutes.) You only need to water them normally. The type of flushing you were thinking about is only for if a plant has nutrient burn.
  4. Just wondering - what does "Final Flush from AN actually do - and how does it do it?

    Curious, as usual...

  5. Helps the plant die really and helps the last push for weight and it absorbs the food in the soil for a better taste

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  6. i bought some final flush from grotek and about threw the shit out because it is soo worthless... its a scheme to take your money imho.. if using chem ferts just flush with water and there is absolutely no difference... all it is, is citric acid and absorbic acid...which all that does when added to salt is make it more soluble in water. so as long as you flush with enough water..there is absolutely no difference since salt is naturally water soluble.
  7. I have final phase not final flush Idk if its different but I taste good weed after and only flush twice one e with that and once with water

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