How to flush properly

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  1. I was just wondering if you HAVE to flush until run off? The reason I ask is because my plants are in bigger pots admittedly than they need to be, and I don’t like the idea of overwatering the plant at the last hurdle?

    Any input would be appreciated
  2. You dont want to soak a oversized pot. Water around the base of the plant the right amount for its size. Eventually you will want to get the entire pot watered with runoff to get any salt buildup out of the medium but you will be ok for a couple weeks. Just gradually build up with the plants growth

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  3. #1 it depends on what you fed them and how heavily. If it's a organic grow you don't really have to flush. If you used synth nutes I agree with what bigolnugs said. Plain water until you see a little run off for a good 10 days
  4. If in soil : no
    If in coco : yes

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