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How to flower early?

Discussion in 'Outdoor Marijuana Growing' started by CheeseVendor, Apr 25, 2012.

  1. Sup blades!:wave:

    I've got some bagseed in the dirt, and although they're just babies now, i know someday they'll turn into full grown green machines, but there's a problem.

    I've got to go back to school mid august, 7 hours away from my grow.... Is there anyway for me to flower these girls early? maybe some hormone, like gibberelins, or maybe messing with the light cycle or covering them up part time?

    I know flowering is photoperiod dependent, but is there anyway for me to make them bloom premature?

    Btw, its about a 5 min walk all uphill to my grow, not ATV accessible, so it has to be light and mobile.

  2. If you put a box or something over it so it gets 12 hours of darkness a day it will flower. Whatever you use you must make sure the plant still gets air and doesn't get too hot or moist.
  3. Hay 303 didn't we just have this conversation on that other post. Another fine example of people
    Not doing there research.
  4. Yeah pretty much, I'm bored though so I thought I'd help him.
  5. yup!!!....trash can works great also
  6. Thanks dudes! i assume i'll have to do this for the entire flowering period, but that's no prob
  7. It is best to, some plants might work if you just do it a few weeks, there's more detail in the other topic if you search or go back a few pages.

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