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How to flirt with older women

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by 420Hazo, Jun 28, 2010.

  1. Alright GC, i was wondering on your tips on how to flirt with the older ladies. I'm not talking about 30 to 40 or any specific ages, im talking in general. Doesn't matter if your 20 and want to talk to 26 year old; 30 and want to talk to 40; or if your 17 and want to talk to 23 year old, whatever your age is how do you go about flirting with older women?

    Need some advice, because at the outdoor pool i work at there are couple really hot girls but they're a few years older. Im 19 and they're...my estimate is 21-25. Somewhere there, some of you guys might say "well that's no age difference" well...in my opinion there is some, especially that im a guy and they're girls.

  2. Confidence, it's not what you say, it's how you say it. Go.
  3. I'll be 31 next month, and when I wanna flirt w/ a 40-60 year old, I usually just ask em if they wanna fuck a young dude in his 30's w/ a strong back and ability to be discreet.

    Or I just pull my dick out if the context is there.

    I think most women in their 60's find my honesty and straightforwardness refreshing.

    Never underestimate the power of a woman who can remove all her teeth.

    Best of luck youngster.

    Oh, and if the girls are in their early 20's you need to be mean to them till they cry, then make em think it's not your fault, then apologize and comfort them w/ strong drinks, lots of weed, and whatever else it takes to get them to let that guard down.

    Again, good luck.

    I've always heard people say if you get a girl alone, drunk and laughing that you're in.

    I like alone, crying and fucked up on several different substances at once.
  4. I have nothing to contribute to this thread (sorry, op,) but this made me lol. you are the man.
  5. I'm just keepin it real.
  6. whatever you do, don't tell them you have to get up early the next morning to go to first period... :D
  7. when i was 15-16, i dated a 18-19 year old. just be a total sweetheart to them and they'll dig you. be funny. don't ask their age unless they ask yours first. and if you're just looking for a hook up, lie, lie, and lie some more my brother.
  8. Strike u a convo m eye contact then ask her what she is doing later or if she wants to have a nightcap if she asks why. Depending where you meet them and the time.
  9. so basically just lie about how awesome you are and they will listen?! Hell yeah..
  10. or you could just show them your cock..and say LOOK AT DADDIES DICK

    ok...paul blart mall cop wasnt a good movie at all...
  11. I work at a grocery store, cashier for one of my jobs. I notice that the difference between "ma'am" and "miss" will really win em over ;)

  12. Real gem if I've ever seen one.
  13. Do they really find your honesty and straightforwardness refreshing or are 60 year old women just thrilled to have a 30 year old guy show interest in them? How picky can they be at that age?
  14. Exactly what I was thinking. The only thing women in their 60s find refreshing is any offer of sex. :D
  15. The same way you would with a 16 yo or a 60 yo. Flirting is just using that distinguishable voice tone and being animated, taking interest in a person, etc. 25 isnt that much older.
  16. oh god.....why the heck would a 16 yo. go for anyone higher than 30, 35 max?!?!?! Not saying your a bad person if you do, its just damn straight taboo

    When i said older women i was just saying going for someone that's got 4-7 years on you, not a whole generation older!

  17. no. lol ego's are the biggest mood kill.
  18. This whole thread has me analyzing every woman and man situation I've seen. I know all ways work in a lot of situations. Being a dick, being nice, being whatever, being a douche, etc, etc... Okay. :cool: Everyone is a "bad" person at some point. Anyways, I'd say do whatever you think you should do. :smoke:

  19. Omg yeah, you know what, it prolly just depends on what part of the cycle the chick is on. shes raggin, be nice. shes clean, be a dick.
  20. I can't tell if this is serious, or not... :confused: anyways... I didn't really mean it like that. I meant it depends on the girl. Some girls like to be approached in different ways.

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