how to flirt with customers at work? (coldstone)

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    i work at a coldstone creamery. an awesome icecream place for those of you who don't know. i would like some tips on how to flirt with customers while i'm working so i can get some numbers.
    i'm always smiling (and according to others i have a very cute smile) i can show off a bit while making a girls icecream, like just twirling spades, fliping stuff, whatever. i'm usually pretty good at flirting in normal situations, but for some reason i find it kinda awkward at work.
    i usually have like a 1-5 minutes with a customer depending how big their group is and how busy it is, and i'm 18 so i would be focusing on girls who are like 16-21.
    any help would be appreciated. thanks :)
  2. dude,tell them is this their favorite ice cream and tell them it's your favorite too :)
  3. I'm your ice cream man, stop me when I'm passing by...
    I'm your ice cream man, baby, stop me when I'm passing by...
    see now, all my flavors are guaranteed to satisfy!

  4. be like 'baby, if you get with me, your life is gonna be super sweet, cause I got all the mix-ins you can shake yer pretty little finger at...'

    after you say this in a seductive voice, lick your pinky and index finger and fix your eyebrows like a stud...

    If this doesn't work, tell em you've got a creamery of yer own that runs aftr hours
  5. I used to work at Old Navy and i know it can be sorta awkward flirting with a custy. You have it harder cuz of the short amount of time. I used to just make the ones i thought were cute laugh. I'd joke with them or if they had some cool shirt on or accessory i'd comment on that.

    Your smile is probably your deadliest weapon if you know girls think its cute. I don't know how hot the ice cream making skills will get the gals though. :D

  6. idk, bartenders seem to have good luck flinging around bottles and shit.... I think you should keep up with the 'flair' style of mixin it, man, some girl's gonna see you having fun and being a cutie and jump yer bone before you know it...

    You could also sing to her in a cute joking way when you sing yer tip songs???
  7. lol @ 16-21

    Odd limit. How about you do your damn job cause if anything, id be someone waiting in line watching you take your time with girls thinkin, damn, fools tryin to get nani at work, and i just want my fuckin icecream. Douche move.

    Cake batter flavor with cookie dough chunks please.
  8. bartenders have luck because a bar or club is a single atmosphere. plus they are feeding people alcohol, not ice cream lol.
  9. dude you work at cold stone all ya gotta do is say this ones on me for a date
  10. The bottle twirling and all that stuff is hardly the reason bartenders land chicks. Bartenders are serving alcohol and most girls dig bartenders because they can get free booze and they like a dude who can make good drinks. I think the twirling mostly aids in getting tips.

    Thats just my opinion. But you're right, I'm sure a few girls will go in there and see his ice cream flipping skills and dare i say...melt? HEY-O!

    OP, you should try flirtin with the girls that stay to eat their ice cream.
  11. that would be a good idea if i could sing at all...
    yeah i think i'll just stick to using my smile, and a bit of flair.
  12. As shes leaving say "hey wait you forgot something!" and when she turns around and says "what?" You say, "my number;)" :cool:
  13. As long as you're not pissing off anyone in line, I'd ask here what she's up to today. If she's doing something social like watching a movie or going to the park or just hanging out, mention that it sounds pretty cool and you'd rather do that than be at work. Play it cool and casual. You never know if she offers an invitation. You make the your interest known without being creepy and desperate.
  14. put bacon in the ice cream

  15. This made me crack up for like five minutes. But I'm baked, so that may have something to do with it :smoking:

  16. [​IMG]
  17. I worked at marble slab creamery for 4 or 5 months...

    its the exact same thing.. different name...

    I just ripped off a bunch of candy and ice cream and gave away shit to my friends. I hated the owner...

    nothing really to do with your post.. just thought id share...
  18. Watch these rap *****z get all up in your guts
    French-vanilla, butter-pecan, chocolate-deluxe
    Even caramel sundaes is gettin touched
    And scooped in my ice cream truck, Wu tears it up
  19. dude it was so easy to pull girls when i worked at starbucks. id give em a free drAnk if i thought that they would maybe wanna get with me. it usually worked. one time this chick got me a fake ID so i could go to the club with her :D it was great.

    just be smooth, smile and talk to em. use your best features, if you got nice teeth and/or dimples, smile a lot (duh, do that anyways). if you have super sexy eyes like girls say i do, give em that 'i want to do nasty nasty things to you" look. i dont know why, but i wink at girls a lot, most of the time they like it. just show them that youre attracted to them, but dont overdo it lol.
  20. tongue their ass cream and be all like, "lemme get yo numba" :)

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