how to fix the economy

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    first off this is not exact by anymeans and is relying heavily on estimations, that being said lets do some math...

    According the 2006 US Census the population is roughly 304 million people while 6% of that population are current marijuana users.
    There's not too much satistics about how much the average stoner smokes but i'd put it somewhere between 1/8oz - 1/4oz per week but just to be conservative i'll stick with 1/8 a week (which is pretty light). Now 6% of 304,000,000 is 18,240,000 and if 18 million people are smoking $60 worth of weed a week then thats $1,094,400,000 thats about 1 Billion dollars a week so about $52 Billion a year, the average sales tax is 6% so thats $65,664,000 in tax revenue a year conservatively.
    prohibion costs for marijuana alone are estimated at $7 Billion so Instead of us spending $7 Billion a year we would gain $65 Million which could come out of tax cuts or even used to pay off the federal deficit.

    Like i said before, a few of these numbers are estimates but everything is on the conservative side, the actual numbers would be much higher, not to mention less crowded jails, less police spending, so while Obamer is tring to push this stimulus bill which is tring to solve our debt problems by borrowing money, Billions of dollars could be generated by making a plant legal.

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