How to fix my broken bowl please help!

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  1. I have this bowl and it fell and the bottom half of the bowl broke off but im pretty sure it could be fixed any ideas? Please help.

  2. I used crazy glue once and it works pretty good. But make sure it's an extremely temporary thing since the bottom of the bowl is right where they tend to get hot (especially if the bowl is is resin caked). If the flame touches it or if it heats up enough you're smoking fumes bro. I'd rather be safe than sorry.

    I wonder if it would be possible to tape it or hold it together somehow and glue it naturally over time with resin. Hmmm.....
  3. don't be cheap replacement bowls are like 5$ that's a small price compared to getting a lung infection from inhaling melted glue:smoking:
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  4. i do repairs man!

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