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How to fix hairline crack on pipe

Discussion in 'Do It Yourself' started by blazedupgirl, Nov 3, 2012.

  1. So the other day I got a new glass pipe. Originally 40 but bargained it down to 25 :D Any-ways..when I woke up this morning, what do I find, A CRACK:eek: on my new baby:(. The crack goes from the top of the inside of my bowl to about half way to the outside of the bowl, and it is about 4 centimetres long:mad:. Now the big question is how do I fix it to look EXACTLY how it was before that disaster. Also Ive read a few things online, and some say to torch it back, but I do not have a torch, so will a lighter work? Please give me step by step instructions if possible. Also crazy glue is not an option for me.Thanks in advance!:smoke:
  2. Well this dose seem like a problem. Torching it back together could deform the glass its self as you have no way to keep its form as you heat up the glass.

    I broke the base of a bong a long time ago and i managed to salvage it with epoxy. But you did mention the crack was in the bowl of the pipe its self so you might not wanna put glue in there. Best advice i can give is if it still works then leave it, was a 25$ pipe use it till its not good n get a new one.

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