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How to fix crack in bong

Discussion in 'Bongs, Bubblers, Water Pipes' started by djlaplante, Dec 23, 2012.

  1. Hey all, I have a bong that has a small(ish) crack in it. It does NOT affect functionality, as the bong is STILL AIRTIGHT. However it looks very unappealing and I'm afraid if anything so much as taps it it could crack through all the way. Is there anything I can do/use to fix this crack? I am trying to sell the piece, so I do not want to use anything that would make it look too unappealing.
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    try crack cocaine *edit dont try crack, ahah stick to greens and buy a ned bong u cant fix cracked glass.

    Even in joking, this isn't allowed = WW

    My baddd^
  3. Epoxy is probably your best bet, probably wont look that great though.
  4. This. As long as the crack is on the outside of the bong.
  5. I used super glue on a cracked one i had..worked great
  6. So far looks like epoxy is my best bet (I'm thinking a thin flat layer over the crack wont look Too bad). Anyone got another suggestion? Leaving for the store soon
  7. Look for a clear epoxy if there is any, the stuff I have is yellowish and its cosmetically unappealing.
  8. good advice, thank you!
  9. Who would buy a bong with a crack in it?
  10. use silacone
    GE Door & Window clear silicone and NAPA All-Glass 100% clear silicone
    read the label and make sure it dosent say that it prevents mold and mildew
    put layers on the outside, untill satisfied with thinkness
    give it 48hrs to cure
    this is the suggested glue to use for an aquarium tank used for fish
    so it would naturally work the same for a bong used by humans
  11. The crack doesn't affect functionality, so the only hindrance is aesthetically. Also its a 2.5 footer, so I think people will look past a minor visual defect.
  12. Junk that piece, get yourself together and buy a new one. DONT GET SLOPPY ON ME!
  13. This is the best find I've had since I started making pieces, not junking it lol xD
  14. take it to speedy auto glass or where ever they fix windshields and try and find a crooked employee wholl sell u some of that shit,lol. better have ur bong in the car, i think that shit dries fast. im stoned, but isnt that shit as close to liquid glass u can get? this is like gilbs answer i supposse. find that liquid glass shit is the point. id love to try and make a bong in a mold with that shit. not sure id smoke it, but would be fun to try.... goodluck

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