How To Fix A Crack In Glass Bong?

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  1. Hey everyone,
    Today my dumbass friends were using my new bong I just bought the other day, and one of them must have hit it off something. Anyway I came to notice I have a small hole in the bottom of the bong, just about were the water sits. I have managed to keep the piece that was broken off, and luckily still fits in the hole :D (but its not air-tight).. I would go out and buy a new one, but I paid a good amount for this one .. pretty much I was wondering what I should use to seal the cracks around the outside of the whole and make it airtight? It has to be waterproof too! Any suggestions? :smoke:

    (Also glass is pretty thin, as you can see in the pictures attached)

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  2. I would just put some ducktape on it
  3. Yea ducktape would be great. At least it didn't make a hole. How much did ur piece cost?
  4. throw said bong in the trash can and pick up a new bong with no hole in the side.

  5. Gunna have to agree, Theres no saving it man
  6. Yep,
    better of enjoyed your last hoot from it.
    keep the downstem and bowl tho.

    you can save it!!!

    go to lowes or any other hardware store and buy some silicone, then just silicone the broken peice where it came from.

    be really careful not to drop the peice into the bong because you might not be able to get it out.

    as long as you still have the broken peice this will work, silicone will make it air tight again,

  8. that was my thought to it'll last and be airtight till someone else breaks it for him
  9. Try this and post results,
    guaranteed disappointed.
  10. Silicone sucks at repairing broken glass pieces, though it would help with water-tightness. I would suggest combining the powers of both silicone and duct-tape, for a super-seal.

    Or buy a glass blowing torch.
  11. Epoxy for use on glass will be best.
  12. take gorilla glue and glue it on, then take caulk and make a thin layer of caulk on the bottom.

    I actually broke my brand new bong before i even got it hit it lol, the stem joint slightly broke off where it was sandblasted but it's fine without it lol

  13. Yes but if he plans to clean it out with Alcohol epoxy is a no-no because it will get broken down by the alcohol eventually. I like to make sure I only use epoxy to add strength as oppose to being the actual sealant that touches the water/smoke
  14. Try using modeling glue mixed with some either rubber cement sealant or some crazy glue. I used that to fix my bowl for my bong like 3 years ago and its still together to this day.
  15. If you even somewhat value your health, just spring and get a new piece man.
  16. a friend of my cracked another's bong and filled it with something exactly for that..

    can't help you with what it was!
  17. Tha Professor is right.. as always.

  18. i dont think using silicone would make it any worse for your health...its not like he is fixing his bowl with it. as long as he waits until its dry and does not heat it up he should be fine.

    the majority of the silicone would be on the outside of the bong any ways.

    obviously buying a new peice is your best option, but if you dont have to money for a while this will hold your shit together for as long as you will need.
  19. Damn man, Id say part ways with it. It's sad but it's for the best.

    If you really need to keep it though id say duck tape and some glue! Good luck man and sorry about you bong.
  20. just pretend its a huge ass carb hole

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