How to find weed in a new area

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  1. Hey i need some help im hoping im not breaking any of the website rules but i just moved to Townsville, Queensland, Australia and im new here and i know alot of people and none of them know where to find any weed and i've looked everywhere, skateparks, i have asked people that smoke regular cigarettes and none of them know, i've tried craigslist but they arent real they just ask for money then never deliver. Help!
  2. Get into local music and art scenes maybe. idk much about Australia but that would be my best guess to finding the local marijuana culture. Best of luck mate!

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  3. Thanks mate, but we arent too 420 friendly in public unless you in victoria which just legalised it. but thanks anyways
  4. Ahhhh that's shitty man only other way I can think of is have a buddy mail you some

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  6. Anyone with a New Zealand passport should be able to tell ya
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  7. Honestly this is going sound funny but just get a job for a couple months working at a food place/restaurant. . Every restaurant ive worked for has at least one person who knows where to get something n usually willing to help if not too sketchy about the asking part:)
  8. I was gonna suggest this same thing .. thats how i got my connect when i moved to a new state .. just get some job where its not so much of a kick back position but a job that requires you to bust your ass for that money like some kind of warehouse job .. you realize whenever people are done working their ass off the first thing they talk about is what's waiting for them at home or what their into to help them relax & its always right before clock out time .. its either weed or alcohol ..
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  9. Hahahaha sooooo true^
  10. If u drive down south there is a place called Nimbin. Weed is everywhere and practically legally.

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  11. Welcome!!
    Try this...NOT!

    Got weed???

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  12. Any good mate
  13. Craigslist. Ask to see there Med card before you proceed though.
  14. Hookers always know where to get stuff and as a side bonus........
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  15. Give a man weed and he will smoke for a day.
    Give him the knowledge to grow weed....
    You get the idea
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  16. idk about other countries but in the us if you go to the public library or park where homeless live in any state and they know where the drugs are.
  17. LOL

    It's absurd that somebody revived such an old thread.

    Since I had to chime in...I never had any trouble finding green in Australia.

    And I'm glad someone mentioned Nimbin. What a fantastic place.
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  18. Heyyy can you help out with a contact? I'm in the ville
  19. When I moved to a town where I knew absolutely no one, I went back to school. Community colleges (unless they are a religious-based school) are a very good place to look for a new "friends", and you might even learn something.

    @TerriIrv Hon, you must not have bothered to read the GC rules! You can't go asking for hook-ups here at GC! I'm not a mod, so you aren't in trouble yet, but please read over the GC rules - - Forum Guidelines You might want to edit that to say you are "looking for new friends in the ville"!

    Granny :wave:
  20. Well... When I've been to Odessa(Ukrainian city) first, there were a lot of Telegram-channels on walls around the city. Most of them were traps I think. I can't even explain, maybe I'm wrong. But I visited one channel where was not just a suggestion to buy right now, but a link on YouTube playlist xd There was all the information I needed :)

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