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How To Find Weed? HELP!

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by thj, Jul 9, 2009.

  1. Hey Bud Smokers:

    I've had a friend that I've bought weed from for years who all of a sudden quit and doesn't want to reveal his source. He is the only one in the world I know who smokes weed so I have no source now.

    How does one go about finding a dealer? I'm afraid of just asking someone on the streets or is that the only way to do it?

    Thanks much,

  2. yea dude just ask the stoner looking kids on the street
  3. Head down to your local skate park or behind a shop and get friendly with the people around there. Most of the time they'll be able to set you up.
    Just think like a stoner.
    Oh, and dont act too shifty, just act like asking strangers for weed is normal, else they might think your a cop.
  4. ask your friends if any of them smoke, if they do and most likely they will you can ask them for a connect
  5. "hey man, you know where i can get some bud?"

    Repeat until it works...




  7. Just talk to people, and you may be surprised how many people will either be people, or know people :)
  8. Best place hands down is at a party. People are always passing shit around. Just make some friends and then ask.
  9. Thanks for the quick responses. My problem is that I'm a geeky Clean cut guy in my 40's who doesn't typically come into contact with people who I would dare ask. I haven't been to a party in years so that's probably out of the question.

    I drove around this evening in "that" part of town and asked three different people, but I didn't have any luck yet. I'm going to keep trying.
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    Check webehigh.com or just drive into a city or an area not too far that is known for having good weed or something. Just keep asking eople and eventually you will find some, you cant get arrested just for asking people.


    You can grow your own, inside outside, wherever, if your geeky enough to make it a smart grow.
  11. Well for one, you arnt going to get any good deals if you look Geeky and clean cut.
    Well, you might, but its unlikely.
    Do your best to look like a stoner. Its the best thing to do. Chances are, if you dont look like a stoner, and are asking for weed, people wont be too keen on selling to you. UC cops are everywhere.
  12. That webehigh.com site is really interesting and helpful actually.
  13. I tried it for my area...didn't pan out:mad:

    still fuckin dry
  14. just go downtown and keep asking people. where i live there are always atleast 2 or 3 dealers by a fountain downtown and usually just walking around i can ask someone and they'll bring me to there dealers house. or justask my parents whenever i see them :D HAPPY FACE

  15. I disagree because I think that there really isn't one image of what someone who smokes pot looks like.
  16. go on myspace add the NORML page and look for a local NORML paje and just add some one and ask them for a hookup or like type in For example DALLAS stoner and if some one comes up add em explain your delima and ask for a dealerrr contact
  17. this only works if you are a kid who is a part of the stoner subculture
  18. man im from edmond! the problem is your in oklahoma, its hard to just find some one on the street. You gotta know some one
  19. Go to a party... meet people, ask people.
  20. Its hard finding a good dealer that you trust i bet but If i was you I would start asking your freinds.

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