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How to find some bud

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by funnyman46, May 25, 2009.

  1. Hey guys, me and my cousin are stuck in atlanta on a family vacation right now, and we ran out of weed. Do you guys know of any areas in atlanta to get some? Or any tips on how to get some here
  2. look for skaters, headshops, go to
  3. We actually tried all of those things haha. Completely unsuccessful so far, but going to keep trying
  4. walk around and look for spots you'd like to smoke at, if youre at a hotel ask some of the workers, just try to stay away from the management and more towards the housekeepers/maitnence
  5. Cant find herb in atlanta?

    Ya aient lookin hard enough.
  6. Ask the blacks you see chillin and rappin on the street corner lol.
  7. I need something that would be almost for sure. Also, right now I'm not actually in the main city.

  8. i wouldnt do that, most people chilling like that or wall wearing the same color, maybe baggy clothing are gangsters, hustlers or just criminals, if you can tell them apart from just people chilling go for it, if not then stay away, at least thats how it is here, they are sketchy and usually rip you off, also dont let on that youre not from the area
    edit: take a walk around the hotel and ask someone, social engineering does wonders
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    dude just go to underground in downtown . Street dealers will literaly come to you and offer some. Or just chill at one of the bars, motion, gold bar, etc. They smoke weed inside those clubs like cigarrettes... i use to bartend there so i know trust me.

    Don't wanna deal with guys, it's ok. Atlanta chicks are hardcore smokers. Most girls coming for a drink would roll a joint on the bar as well.
  10. Yea you can def find bud in the atlanta area. You just have to ask people, everyone atleast knows a person that might be able to help you out. Just try asking younger people that look like they may smoke.

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