How to find seeds?

Discussion in 'General' started by Jasmine Stewart, Jun 25, 2019.

  1. Hello all. I'm pretty new at this. Eventually I'd like to get an endorsement to be able to cultivate (I want to move out to the sticks lol). How do I find seeds in my flower? Pretty straight forward newbie question. Thanks :)
  2. If your weed has seeds you will find when breaking it up or when the end of your joint pops off cause you missed one. Easier to order them then you some what know what genetics you got if it a decent seed company.
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  3. Could you explain what you mean?
  4. I've looked all over to order and can't find anything ☹️
  5. I've looked all over to order and can't find anything ☹️
  6. Did you go to GC's Marijuana Seed Bank forum?
  7. Buy shitty weed. Guarantee you'll get seeds on occasion, but you will have no idea what you will get. Might as well call it the Forest Gump Strain.
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  8. No, because I didn't know GC had a seed bank forum lol. Thanks for the heads up I'll go look for it :)
  9. The vault cannabis seed bank
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  10. Nirvana has tangie and skywalker og on their sale this week im growing their blueberry kush auto pretty happy with it
  11. I buy from Herbies seeds in Europe, many great varieties to choose from.
  12. Just order from The Vault or Attitude. Both are great and in my opinion it is much better to get seeds from reputable sources.
  13. I've never bought seeds before. But one of these years I will. I am curious and look forward to seeing their vigor (compared to clones).

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