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how to find pot in a new city...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by butlercrt, Aug 13, 2008.

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  1. im new to Florida and cant find nothing. To many old folks i guess.
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  2. I'm going to move this to Apprentice Tokers. I think it will serve some peope well.

  3. I am new in fl too. People around here arnt too helpful. It has been rough.

    Usually when I am new to a city this problem takes maybe a week to straighten out.... Ive been here for almost a year.
  4. shit is getting dry around here, thats why i always meet new people! i have like 30 dealers. if 1 is dry call the next and so on and so forth. the herb will make you a lot of new friends. trust me
  5. This is a great topic, in fact I had to sign up once I saw this thread. I'm in a similar situation as some of the posters here. I'm a late bloomer when it comes to weed, I did'nt take my first toke til I was 30. But once I got my first taste I was a true convert. Anyway I've been looking for connects in my area, my usual contact said his dealer was dry and I have'nt had any luck for 3 weeks in finding anything. I'm sure there's some bud out there but I'm kind of a laid back person and it's really hard for me to just walk up to people I don't know and strike up conversations. And like another poster said I have a job where I work at home so I don't mingle much with coworkers and since I have a wife and a couple of kids I'm kinda past the hanging out at the clubs and bars phase of my life. I'm thinking of maybe heading to the city one weekend and checking out a couple of the head shops, hopefully I'll get lucky.

    I know this is kind of a different topic but the only weed I've ever had is low grade stuff, how much more potent is mid-grade and dank over the typical brick weed?
  6. where in florida u located lol?
  8. I'm in Davenport,Iowa. Just moved here but no luck in finding any. Have any Ideas? This seems to be a conservative place so I'm a little caution about asking around.
  9. man, you could do what me and my bud do. go to the nearest big or medium sized town, city, whatever. Find the head shops or smoke shops. go in and wait until you find someone checking out the bongs, pipes, anykind of paraphenalia. Then start talking to each other about bud, stories, what you want, shit like that. Be sure not to incriminate yourself in this process. Speak loud enough to where the alleged connect can hear. Then afterwards, (it's best if you actually buy some paraphenalia, it adds to the trust factor but isnt required), go up to the "connect" and politely tell him or her ur situation, ask if he knows someone, etc. Hope i helped man. Hope you can find some 2. happy tokin'.:smoke:
  10. Thanks. Getting a little desperate, just may give it a try.
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    I too am in the same situation. Just moved to South Florida and I can't find shit. lots of old people too so it makes it even harder.
  12. im in south fl too. i need peoples bro lol, i cant find anyone either.
  13. College campuses are a safe bet, just walk around and try to find some stoner looking kids and ask around, or go to the frat houses.
  14. Just ask the guys that look like they belong back in the 70's
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    I hear you man, just get in that mindframe of wanting to meet stoners, and meet people, it worked for me and ive got two decent connects in less than three months.

    I would like to extend the question a bit though, like, how would one search fo "quality" weed, like purple stuff and what not.
  16. yeah right now im in the same situation i just moved to palm beach and i cant find anybody who deals. I used to have a connect but it was too far and now he doesn't really sell any more.
  17. post a wanted add in the newspaper for "Dank Buds"

  18. If your not into the whole "making friends" scene just sniff people around town and when you get a huge wiff of weed ask if he sells. 75% of the time they do.
  19. a) go to live concerts in your area
    b) show up early for concert
    c) wait in line for concert
    d) make conversations with people in line
    e) ask around?

    it could work. i've never tried to find pot in a new city... since i've lived in the same place for most of my life. i just go to a lot of concerts and thought this might help ya out.
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