How to find other musicians?

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  1. So I've been playing guitar for around 8ish years, piano for about 10, and percussion for around 11 years. I have tried to get some of my friends who own instruments to jam with me, but they either lose interest or just don't want to jam. I've tried looking for people in my area to jam with (to the point where I put flyers places, ask people on Facebook, etc.), but no one seems to want to do anything. How can I easily find others to jam with?

  2. Well where are you from?Follow me on twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and tumblr: @livelowfi and/or @mountexp
  3. I'm from New Jersey
  4. Mabey try putting your musiccal intrests & experience on the fliers. Guitar/instrument shops, record shops, etc are all good places to place them. Sent from my SPH-D710 using Grasscity Forum mobile app
  5. Are you deep in Jersey? Or close by NYC? The only reason I ask is sometimes you have to find different areas to fish for new talent. What type of genre do prefer to play? On my last project I had people from Switzerland, Japan, and Cali work with me because of the internet. Do you have any of your work on line? Follow me on twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and tumblr: @livelowfi and/or @mountexp
  6. The musicians struggle. The passionate you are the harder it becomes you to find people to jam with. You can't really force people to jam either, they have to want to. Thats been my problem for about four years now. I used to jam with a friend in high school, but she only ever wanted to get high, and I wanted to get high and jam. I like to record myself playing a couple riffs or something and then play it back to myslef and jam with it.
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    I've tried that, but I haven't received any texts/calls.
    I'm in North Jersey, around 45 minutes to an hour from NYC. I really can't describe what kind of genre I want to play, all of the bands that I listen too can be found here :, which is more along the lines of alternative/rock/psychedelic, so I guess something like that. I haven't tried to do anything online, nor do I have the equipment to record

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