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How to find new contacts (moved to uni!)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thefence, Sep 29, 2009.

  1. Hey ya'll. Just moved away from home to university (Lincoln UK for the record :)) but all my herb has ran out already, and I have no dealers at all...

    Tried asking some friends I made etc, and noone knows anything. Asked a few guy with dreads (gotta love stereotypes haha), but none could help me out, saying the place is very dry for herb...

    Also had a look on webehigh site, and went to the suggested area a few different days but nothing :/

    How would you recommend I try about finding dealers? I'm sure eventually ill be able to find one, but you know, catalyst and all haha.

    Cheers in advance x
  2. Sorry to be harsh on you but their is no real advice anyone can give to anyone other then ask friends and kids who look like potheads. For the most part this, along with other threads are fairly pointless. Just keep making friends and ask them, or grow with trusted roomate. Best of luck.
  3. hang out in headshops until you see an obviously stoned person and ask them
    uhh freinds
    not really much to say
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    Making connections is easier when you have something to offer. Selling drugs is illegal and when random people ask you for buds they will get very sketched and hesitant. Be cool, normal, polite. Cafes, headshops, skate/surf always good places. Don't be afraid to use stereotypes when selecting who you ask, can really speed things up. Pizza places! I have got buds 4x while traveling the country by just asking the kid who delivers a pizza to my hotel.

    To build a first time connection, it's good to offer maybe a tip for the help, or to smoke them down. Or give them some of the buds for the help.

    Most people won't risk getting a felony to help out a random stranger on the street who could easily be a cop
  5. try wear clothes that scream I PARTICIPATE IN ILLIGAL ACTIVITIES, AND I DONT GIVE A FUCK! and be really friendly. not like I have candy in the back of my van friendly, but like hey man, I just moved in from out of town and Id really apreciate it if you could give me the numbers of some reputible (is that even a word?) drug dealers
  6. Make friends? Go out to clubs with friends, find local poker games, just go wherever people hang out and joke around about being stoned. I've found that the fastest way to find a dealer is to joke about being high or make jokes about marijuana, tell funny stories, and eventually someone will go "pssssssst, follow me I'll show you some danky...."

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