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  1. When I search for my content, it seems to randomly display only half my posts.  I have 54 total active posts, but only 32 of them show up whenever i try to find my content.  They are not even the 32 most recent, just 32 random posts that i guess the search engine feels like displaying.  Can somebody explain this to me?  Why doesn't this work like it's supposed to?

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    I agree this is one of the suckiest working modules in IPB, we are working to make it better, in the meantime please try to check : Content You Follow
  3. Thanks, it doesn't really help though because I don't want to follow every thread i post in.  This was more of a vent than anything else, but apparently it doesn't bother anyone else so i guess ill just deal with it.  
  4. It bothers me as well. I want to be able to look at all topics I've created in order and then all posts I've created in order in a separate viewing. I think that is pretty standard. Sounds like it's in the works though so patience is a virtue particularly here.
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    Weird, it's always worked perfectly for me by going to My Content and sorting by "Only posts" or "Only topics"  :confused_2:
  6. It's finding less than half of my posts. Very annoying, because rather than writing out the same answer over and over, I prefer to just post a link- but if I can't fund the original content, how am I supposed to link to it?

    This is a serious big, as opposed to a minor annoyance.

    Sounds like a fix is in the works, but it doesn't look like it's live yet...
  7. With over 43,000 posts, my first question is, 'how would you know?' :)
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    Fair point, though OP was having problems with just viewing his >60 posts so I guess my point was that I can seemingly view my most recent 100+ posts just fine. ;)
    I did run into the same issue just the other day though, not being able to find a thread I'd made only a few days earlier through My Content. So there are definitely some problems with the system. 
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