how to find bud in a new state/town

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  1. how?can i have some good tips?i asked a lot ofpeople and none of them knew:(
  2. go to a cop station and ask them, they'll have the names of all the big time dealers in your area

    or all the stupid ones that got caught
  3. haha funny one:devious:
  4. Ok I haverhe perfect plan! I'm high so this will definitely work, ok here's te scoop...
    Step 1: go to the sketchiest park in the sketchiest part of town
    2: look for the sketchiest black guy with dreadlocks or any sketchy guy wearing a bob marley shirt
    Step 3: aks them if they sell some marijuana
    Step 4: they react one of two ways, 1 him: mayne niggha I got that bomb ass dank ass skunk crunk supreme tropical mango lush or 2: yo niggha I ain't sell that shit homie
    Step 5: assuming the guy responded by option 1, you buy said bomb ass from him
    Step6: you go home and smoke it all then sit
  5. Golden rule:

    stand outside a convenience store and wait for someone buying a dutch
  6. hahahaahahahahahah lmao you sure do know how to make a homie laugh, i find some pretty sketchy dude's,none gunna go look for a park around here or someshit though!
  7. I always was able to find it rather quick at new jobs. Don't know if your working but it's an idea.
  8. Where are you moving
  9. finding jobs these days is quite the challenge,espically for me someone with long hair and ear plugs.
  10. i will sell u some ;)
  11. already moved..tom's river new jersey.
  12. too bad your probbly not near me:(
  13. I feel you man. I was forced out of my job of eight years back at the beginning of October by new management and have been unemployed ever since. I might have a job at Subway this coming up week just because I have friends in management there. It's going to suck going from $1,800 a month for years to minimum wage but I'm not proud. It's money.
  14. what about sitting outside a liquor store and asking the younging's that go in
  15. damn my dude im sorry to hear that, quite a rough story, i hope the best for ya!:wave:
  16. Appreciate it. I've worked constantly since I was 17 and I am 30 now. Not working is driving me insane.
  17. i can imagine i havn't had a job in 2 years now and im going insane it's just a big let down when you apply literally everwhere and never get the job:mad:
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    Here is a little trick I learned from my girlfriend that might help you. She was married for ten or so years and didn't work that whole time and so lacked any experience when she moved here and went looking for work. But she was getting job offers left and right. It was crazy considering I have filled out well over 60 applications in the last month and haven't got shit.

    She said what she has been doing is just making up places from her old state and saying she worked there but they went out of business. Then she puts down the phone number of one of her friends back home and lists them as her old supervisor for a reference. She basically just chooses a damn place to work and gets it every time. Since you just moved it may be worth a try.

    Edit: I forgot to mention I live in a small town and the CFO who forced me out has a lot of pull here and is a vindictive fuck who basically black listed my ass when I went looking for work. I started trying the fake job thing I wrote above before I ran into friends managing this Subway.
  19. i could use this but, im very limited to were i can work=[ cause of the size of my ear plugs..and the length of my hair so i can't say like a place like pacsun went out of buisness, cause i will get caught you feel me?i would be golden at resturants cause i have expirence there just need to find a job that allows my piercings:(..thankyou though for the advice i shall look into that!

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