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How to find a new dealer?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by broman, Mar 19, 2012.

  1. Hey guys I'm a pothead/college student and I finished early and am done for the semester. I came back home and don't really have any connects here anymore. I also don't really have that many friends here and the ones I do either live 1 hour away or don't smoke. I can always get bud from my little sis whose in high school but I don't want to do that because I feel bad and like a loser, plus I hate having to ask her to get it every time. And I don't want to deal with some pimple faced high school dealer.

    So whats a good way to find a dealer? I live in TX.
  2. just ask your sister its your best option
  3. go to the streets?

  4. Lol I mean obviously but I can't just walk around asking random strangers...

    I don't want to deal with ghetto ass dealers either.
  5. Hit up anyone who you know smokes is the best idea. When I went off to college I brought 2 ounces of the bombest shit I could find. This way I had time to burn through it until I found a good connect.

    But yea just ask people you know. Got facebook? You obviously know people on facebook who although you're not necessarily friends with them, you know they smoke weed. Hit them up for some numbers.

    Or if you got a dealer right now but you want a better one, next time he's busy, ask him if he's got a buddy who's sitting on some and start picking up off him.
  6. you know that stoner on facebook who always posts quotes to songs related to to that guy.
  7. And what makes you too good for the pimple faced high school dealer? From where i'm standing, if anything they should be looking down at you. Fix your attitude, never feel superior to anyone.

    If you don't want to grab from her, and have no one to ask, you don't want to but logically the streets would be your only other option.

    If you do get connected from your sister, just get the guys number so you don't need her next time.
  8. heres a thought. over 50% of the population has tried weed. so just go ask random strangers, you only need to ask 2 and youll find one. na jk dont do that bad idea.
    and seriously joepain is right you are not "above" a high school kid, many of them are smarter than you. im in college and hell i know theres some highschool kid thats smarter than me. and trust me im smart.
  9. yeah you could do what awdcivic said and ask random strangers or you could go to the streets and ask random strangers, where everybody smokes (except the crackheads because it makes them paranoid). Ghetto ass dealers are nice and actually have standards.
    You don't have to worry about getting robbed, and if you a cool dude they'll hook you up.
  10. Its all about knowing people. No one is going to give you a magic way to find a dealer.
  11. McDonald's my friend, you can find a connect there for sure trust me I worked at mcdicks

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