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How to find a girlfriend as a toker?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by thrawst, Nov 27, 2011.

  1. Broke up with my gf in June, started toking up in July. Been single ever since. My school has hardly ANY stoners, mostly preppy girls. I'm a decently attractive guy and everything lol, but how do I find a girlfriend? I don't want to keep my toking as a secret,
  2. just don't talk about it imo if you are not high when you are with your gf there is no reason for them to know or care if they do know. and picking up girls isn't too hard, just spend time with the girl you like and eventually she will like you too as long as she keeps agreeing to hang out with you
  3. Those preppy girls might not be stoners, but they definitely smoke.
    It looks like they don't at all. & i mean at all, but trust me they do.
    I went to private school & when i discovered marijuana (age 14)
    like 2 months later everyone else did too. (Some on their own others with my guidance)
    Trust me the people you wouldn't expect to toke do toke. lol
  4. dont want to keep your toking as a secret? then tell them. easiest to be honest right from the get go. dont let the fact that you smoke hinder your chances with anyone. just be up front about it to them, and more importantly to yourself. dont forget confidence, either. that helps with some of these preppy bitches.
  5. find a girl who smokes. my favorite person to smoke with is my girlfriend. its just a baller feeling ya know, watching your girl hit your bong right next to you in bed.
  6. If your looking for sex "Yo we should chill/smoke/get fucked up/drunk sometime" if she responds with something like "yeah :)" boom, easy fuck. Otherwise, flash cash. Girls go crazy over the chance to smoke or blow cash.

    Finding a girlfriend is a little harder.
  7. I was in the same situation in highschool but I am a down to earth guy so finding girls that were like me was hard. I found a girl and had a good time. That girl didn't smoke and didn't care if I did. I wouldn't be so set on a stoner girlfriend bro.
  8. [quote name='"thrawst"']Broke up with my gf in June, started toking up in July. Been single ever since. My school has hardly ANY stoners, mostly preppy girls. I'm a decently attractive guy and everything lol, but how do I find a girlfriend? I don't want to keep my toking as a secret,[/quote]

    its not a bad thing that u dont know any stoner chicks; you dont want to date them anyway. in my experience for every 1 who only smokes theres 20 who do drugs as well as weed, either that or theyre total sluts (but if youre looking to fuck all u have to do is share a blunt with them, theyll supply the pcp to dip it in *look of disdain*). so ive always figured it would be better to find a legit chick and just smoke her out.

    my approach is just to be open that i smoke, but not emphasize it and focus on other stuff. the idea is that if you dont act like its a big deal, the girl wont. now, this is no time-tested approach, ive used it a total of once but i'd bet its gona work and that would be 100% (ill have to get back to u on the final result but im confident).

    i'm a picky dude and wasnt eager to grt a girlfriend, so for the past couple years ive been lying in wait for a girl who shares my faith in jesus christ. wasnt really expecting success as i live in a liberal stronghold. then last week after school i was in my school for some "school spirit" contest and i overheard this girl criticizing some other girl for being an athiest, saying you couldnt have serious morals without religion. now, i make that exact argument all the time, so both my eyes straight popped out of my head and turned into the shape of hearts. but of course im a stoner and i look it (celebrating no shave november lol so i look like a fuckin bum, and i was baked at the time) so once i got my eyeballs back into their sockets, i started talking to her and it was going good.

    then some dude came up and called me out on smoking in my schools courtyard (i didnt even do it (wish i had), the guy was just retarded). i was like "dude that would be awesome haha, but i didnt, i was showing off my bubbler the other day but wasnt gona use it and risk gettin busted". she just laughed and made some joke about me being so high that i forgot i smoked it. so it doesnt seem like she cares, but frankly i would consider giving up toking for her (ok id probably just lie and say i quit and then keep it on the down low). so far, despite that she just transferred from catholic school snd it would probly be accurate to say shes a "preppy girl", she hasnt really cared that i smoke because i didnt try to hide it from her and just casually mentioned it. now this post is long enough so im not gona elaborate, but im 95% sure she likes me. will find out this week for sure; so many rumors are flying that its inevitable. now its like my dream to get her to smoke with me but i dont yet know her well enough to say if she would.

    its sad that i wrote this much and im not even high... on t break atm. but just think how much i would have wrote if i was...
  9. I got you man! Check out this site I found that hooks you up, instantly, with your soul mate who also happens to toke!
  10. i wish if my gf smoke with me
  11. Its no different then finding a girl if you don't smoke haha. Just do you, and if shes not chill with smoking don't tell her, and if she is, smoke uppp.
  12. Talk to a girl
    Bring up bud in the conversation after a day or so of talking
    See her reaction
  13. meet girl --> hit on girl --> whack out a dutchie --> smoke the dutchie --> whip out your nugs--> let her touch yo nugs --> then she be suckin on yo nugs.

  14. man, it isn't nearly as bad as 1 in 20, and passing girls blunts will not result in them being dipped in pcp. also, being an atheist makes me immoral? sure.

    OP, just go to events where stoner culture flocks such as 420 events. or just move somewhere that smoking is more regular and accepted. i know a lot of girls that smoke weed, in all places i've lived.

  15. Sounds like you follow your Sacred Scripture to the T.
  16. Lol bro if your lookin for some stoner girlfriend then your looking way to hard, just let shit happen if she burns she burns she don't she don't, i wouldn't let pot dictate your personal life in that manner...
  17. [quote name='"AcousticToker"']

    Sounds like you follow your Sacred Scripture to the T.[/quote]

    DAMN, call out. but hey, its nice to insert some sinful reality, even if it is in the paranthesis. just meant it as an acknowledgement that theres a fair chance i would anyway... i dont know any christian who claims to be perfect (dont think id consider them a christian if they did).

    but hey, have fun following your nonexistant morals.
  18. give a real explaination for why he has no morals.
    also, if YOU were a real christian, you'd turn the other cheek instead of giving someone a snide comment in return. this does not include any sort of condescendence, as Jesus (if he was real) was simply a teacher and not an asshole.
  19. [quote name='"aerials47"']
    man, it isn't nearly as bad as 1 in 20, and passing girls blunts will not result in them being dipped in pcp. also, being an atheist makes me immoral? sure.

    first of all, if you noticed my phrasing i was claiming it was 1 in 21. i guess it was an exagerstion, but in my area barely. 95% of girls here don't toke, but theres no middle ground. every time i find a girl who smokes, she invariably says "yeah we gotta smoke sometime, actually got some wet in my bag now" and then i respond "uhh you know i think im good, i stick to the green ya know, im pretty sure that shits bad for u..." and never talk to them again. but i wasnt suggesting theyd just dip it without asking, i meant they would supply the pcp if u have the blunt. after the 10th time i just gave up.

    and if you are an athiest or agnostic you have no basis for your morality so of course its going to be shaky and should never be relied on; it would be like living in a house with no foundation. imo thats why liberals and progressives have so little regard for property rights.
  20. 2foot i don't expect either of us to change the other's mind, so i'm just going to respectfully agree to greatly disagree.

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