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How to find a FWB

Discussion in 'Sex, Love & Relationships' started by SpaceKitty91, Oct 12, 2009.

  1. I'm going to be upfront with something: I am wildly, desperately sexually frustrated. I've only been with two guys in my life, and have only made out with a couple more than that. It's not that I'm a goodie two shoes, nor am I unattractive, just PAINFULLY awkward around the opposite sex. A guy could send out CLEAR signals that he's into me, and for whatever reason, I will simply refuse to acknowledge them. For example, this hot guy I was tutoring in English asked me out to lunch, offered to give me rides home, asked me to come CAMPING FOR FUCKS SAKE! and I couldn't bring myself to take the plunge.

    I'm not interested in a relationship right now, but I've got to get some sex before I rape someone (hahaha). There's this one guy that I see at work from time to time, and he's flirting somewhat heavily. I don't think he'll make a clear first move though, and if history is any indicator, I'll probably end up ignoring him out fear.

    How the fuck do I remedy this? Why can't I socialize normally with any male who shows me attention?
  2. Find out if he smokes and break the ice that way.
  3. That's good advice, but I work at a bank and I'm not sure how to bring that up. If it were a school setting I'd feel differently.

    I'm just so bad at letting anyone know I'm interested. He made a point of telling my manager (who stuck her god damned nose in simply because I told her I thought he was hot) that he's not seeing anyone exclusively. He deposits a check every Saturday so last week I wore four inch heels and a fuck me dress. I felt pathetic, slightly, but I looked really good. Haha. What more am I supposed to do here?
  4. Guy wants you hardcore. Tell him you haven't been out to lunch in a while but don't feel like going alone.

  5. Mention something about 4:20pm and how u cant wait and if hes like "yeeeea..." bam!
    if hes like "wat happens at 420"? then i dunno, other than just give him your number.
  6. it sounds like you need to seriously sit down and become comfortable with yourself before you go fucking with other dudes emotions just cuz u hav no idea what you want.

  7. this shouldnt be a hard task if you are a girl
  8. You need some alcohol in ya! Just sounds like you need a little social lube, not drunk but you know, a couple drinks.
  9. Try to be less shy (something im also working on) talk to everyone that you can. whether it be guy or girl.

    talk about ANYTHING. Even if you make a complete ass out of yourself, the point is to make conversation with everyone and get more comfortable talking to "strangers"
  10. That seems like quite a method.
    I should try that.
  11. Why don't you just take the initiative and ask him for his number or give him yours?
  12. try saying yes when a guy you like asks you out?
  13. Ask the guy out. Trust me, any guy who wouldn't say yes or acts like an ass isn't worth your time anyway. Girls should be initiating more convos imo, we're just dudes there's nothing scary :eek: Girls on the other hand can be....

  14. You misunderstand me. I'm not leading anyone on. If I have a conversation with a guy and he shows interest I don't return that attention and then not deliver, I simply brush it off because I guess I don't know how to respond. Who's fucking with anyones emotions?

    And I do know what I want. Sex, with someone I consider a friend but not a serious relationship. I'm just weird about starting up a non platonic relationship in the first place, hence my post.

    As for the other advice, it's all very good. I just need to get over my insecurities, and I suppose there's no way to go about doing that other than putting myself out there. I'll see him again on Saturday, maybe I'll just write my number on his receipt.
  15. do that. total turn on
  16. The problem with women when it comes to this is that they are ALWAYS indirect.

    I guarantee you, women would get what they want, when they want it, if they just came out and said what they want. Unfortunately, beating around the bush just seems like a better idea, cause everyone loves wasting time.

    Just tell them, he's a guy, if you tell him straight up what the deal is, he'll understand.
    Plus if you're offering free sex, he'll wait I'd say, atleast a month or so to have sex when you're ready.
  17. tell him you want to take him to bone city
  18. i have the same issue, except gender reversed, so when you figure it out please tell me, haha

  19. duuude. do this for me. i swear i am in the same situation. i had to double check the join date, cuz this chick knows i use this site. lol
  20. Just do it

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