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How to fill a multi-perc bong? (I'm an idiot!)

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Albino_Rhino, Feb 23, 2009.

  1. The concept of two or more percs seems cool, but how on earth do you put water in them?

    I've been toking for years, but never encountered one of them. It just doesn't make sense to me.

    Say you have three percs. That middle dude is totally sealed except for the slits, and it seems to me that gravity would prevent you from filling it.

    I suppose I'm missing something blatantly obvious, but how do you do this?

    Like this guy:


    I must seem like a complete tool.

    I've tried searching and google, which revealed this:

    That kind of makes sense to me, but let me get this straight..

    1) Overfill the bottom of the bong.

    2) Tip it over so the water goes into the next chamber.

    3) Add more water and repeat untill all chambers have the right amount of water.

    What about the pressure? What does it mean and how do you make it ideal? How do you empty and clean this guy?

    Sorry for being a multi-chamber piece noob, and thanks very much GC.
  2. this puzzles me too. help plz
  3. Haha I would like to know this as well.
  4. Just plug the downstem with your thumb and fill the whole thing with water, release your finger and tip the bong so water goes from the top maybe?

    I don't know either honestly..
  5. I feel like more of a tool than you, ive been smoking for more than a year and i dont know how to get water into a bubbler, can someone tell me how that works? do you just pour water into the bowl or carb?
  6. i always thought you put the water in the first, and blew.

  7. your right. You fill the top perc and blow. it pushes the water to the bottom percs and evens it out
  8. Ya you just pour it in the top with the downstem out and it fills itself. If the water levels arn't even then you can blow through it and they even out. You have to remember to pull your downstem out though or you will shoot water out it.

    To empty the percs you have to tip it upside down and kind of work the water through them out the top. Its kind of a pain in the ass but you get pretty good at it pretty fast

    Hashbean shows how to do all of this stuff in this video

    [ame=""]YouTube - Broadcast Yourself.[/ame]

    Double + percs work the same but they are just more of a bitch to clean and empty.
  9. yay! for random guesses.
  10. to fill them you take the downstem out and pour water in the top you might have to blow lightly into the top to get the water to start moving but it will even out by itself
    to empty them you just pull the downstem and blow hard into the top and it all goes down to the bottom.

  11. I consider myself a noob too but I've been smoking for the last 7 years. I'm pretty well versed with weed I'm just too lazy to keep up with the times which is why I consider myself a noob. However to answer your question depending on the perc you got you could either pour water through the top and let it trickle down chamber to chamber, or in my case with my 3footer I fill up the bottom perc until water's almost overflowing and then pull hard. Doing that will bring the excess water into the next chamber. If there's more than two though I guess you would just keep repeating the process until you're satisfied.

    I love perc bongs but god damn are they a bitch to maintain and keep clean compared to one without. Worth the investment in my eyes though.
    This is my baby, named him Hugo because it's huge asf in person and reminds me of the street fighter character of the same name
  12. After having just watched a YouTube on how to clean a 4 chamber tree perc bong basically you put the bong under a faucet and turn the faucet on high and the water pressure alone will fill it. As for what water level it should be at that’s a personal preference there is no right or wrong answer as long as the water doesn’t come up the down stem or shoot up into the bowl getting whatever is burning wet. Also only use filtered water because anything else has the potential to stain the glass or make it white like a dishwasher does to cups over time.

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