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How to fight the burnt out feeling?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by tapsumbong, Sep 19, 2009.

  1. I have been getting a lot better weed than I normally do just cause I have the money for it right now but the problem I have is that after a bowl or two I get very burnt out after a few hours and don't feel like doing anything unless I am able to sleep a little first. Most of the time I do not have the time to sleep before I need to leave the house so I am wondering what some of you do to fight that feeling.
  2. smoke more weed.
  3. Either smoke more or take a shower, works for me.
    Also, if you eat more you burn out faster, so maybe eat before you toke to avoid munchies.
  4. oh man.
    i had that feeling yesterday, real bad tho.
    couldnt keep my eyes open.
    it sucked.
    but what me and my friends just did is go out and skate at night.
    just get up and do something :)
    tell yourself that its just the weed making you tired. you really arent tired.
  5. If you have bought better weed, then settle on a Sativa strain. You won't feel as tired. Oh and a vaporizer will help too. You are getting tired because the carbon monoxide and carcinogens in the smoke cause your body to release a lot of antibodies to your lungs, which puts a strain on your system and you will have a burn out. You won't have this problem with a vape :)
  6. yesterday i was in a comatose like that, i think its because i took some robitussin after smoking for my cough.
  7. coffee
  8. if you smoke a bowl or two and you are completely tired as shit, it sounds like you got a good indica. maybe try and ask your dealer if he has any sativa or sativa dominant blends?
  9. - Splash water in your face
    - Do 3 pushups
    - put on some active music (ie: blueberry yum yum by ludacris or get blowed by tech n9ne)
    - Hold your breath for a while (causes light headedness)

    energy drinks are good but they lead to another crash. you can also try that nasty 5 hour energy shot
  10. Your smoking better weed and getting more burnt out than before?
  11. Mango rockstar? Holy shit didn't know they had these, I will definitely be trying one of these.
  12. thats true
  13. Shower + a decent meal will re-energize you. Then go outside for a walk or bike ride. :)
  14. take a power nap, about an hour, set an alarm. thats all you need to recoup it seems. getting up sucks but once you do you feel like before you smoked.

  15. Seriously, buying better weed should be a way to AVOID the burnt out feeling. Time of day has alot to do with it too. If you smoke at midnight you will fell more tired than if you do at 2 pm, just because it is midnight, so try to smoke around 4 pm or so, which I believe I heard is like the most active time of day for people.
  16. energy drinks, they don't tend to have a crash effect on you when your burnt.
  17. Plus that one's mango juice so it may or may not add to your high lol.

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