How to feel cooler/smoother smoke without ice.

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  1. So I went to my cousins and we are smoking out of his bong. Before I took a hit I noticed that the bong water had a blue tint to it, and I said "What's that blue shit", he said "Listerine. It makes the smoke feel soo much smoother and makes you where you don't really want to cough".

    So I hit the bong and it was a huge hit. The Listerine in the bong water made the smoke not irritate your throat/lungs it just goes in cold and smooth, and comes out cold/smooth and leaves a good taste in your mouth.

    So next time your about to smoke out of your bong, fill it with water and a bit of Listerine, but not too much otherwise it might make you want to cough.
  2. that's kinda cool. listerine's alcohol based so it would absorb more thc. i'd be willing to try it and see what it's like, though
  3. Hell yeah man, i always add a tad of listerine to my water for when i have mates that come over that are not seasoned to enjoy the taste of the bud. It is pretty refreshing, just dont over do it, only add a tiny bit.
  4. Then more THC would be in the bong water :confused: Not what you want...
  5. you want the thc in your lungs!!!!!
  6. Um... It doesnt hurt your throat because the alcohol in listerine is absorbing pretty much all the thc. If you noticed you didnt really get stoned thats why.

    I wouldnt recommend doing this unless you like to look at blue in your bong but not get high
  7. even small amounts of alcohol dissolve thc. why not go to the store and get some sort of mint extract or add lemon juice or something
  8. Now this guy has the idea.. At some headshops you can buy this "flavor bong water" stuff that will make the toke taste like that
  9. Lmao @ everyone.

    First Ill put nothing but water into my bong. Yes, I have heard of people putting listerine in their bongs. Your not loosing a noticible amount of THC from the listerine.

    PS. THC ALSO IS WATER SOLUBLE MEANING BONG WATER DOES HAVE THC IN IT. just not even an amount that could even get you high. Isnt mint extract alcohol based? Same as in all extracts?
  10. Not the sharpest tool in the shed? Water is a polar molecule, whereas THC is a non-polar molecule. Polar molecules dissolve polar (or slightly polar) molecules. Guess what? Water does not dissolve THC! Basic scientific fact!
  11. Keep telling yourself that man.
  12. that doesnt mean thc cant get caught in the water.
  13. If you're trying to avoid alcohol I would avoid extracts...considering many of them are over 80-90% alcohol..
  14. yo why dont you try these instead


    the stones in the bongs, doubt youll be able to try the girls
  15. i like to grind up some spearmint leaves in a grinder and add them to some ice cold water and use it. not only does it taste good, your weed will taste minty cause the grinder ;)
  16. I can find both the rocks and the girls.
  17. good on you man

  18. this is all true. listerine isn't something i plan on making a habit out of because it does absorb thc, but i'll report that the difference on your high isn't noticeable. also, just because something is insoluble in water doesn't mean that it won't dissolve into water. everything is technically soluble, "insoluble" is a simplified way to say "negligibly soluble."
  19. So I've been reading this thread and looking for ideas, and it hit me. I meddled some mint leaves and mixed it with the bong water. While not as cooling as mouth wash, I still got the mint and it is AMAZING. If you guys and gals get the chance, try it.
  20. The only thing that will ACTUALLy make the smoke smoother is more water diffusion/filtration, so get a perc bong, a good diffuser, or those diffuser beads(by Roor, and ^Stones diffusion). I wouldnt put alcohol of any kind in there, or any sort of menthol. Ill stick to plain old water.

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