How to feel better about work?

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  1. Hello! I'm an 18 year old guy and I currently work at a Domino's Pizza as an insider/CSR. Personally, I think the job description isn't too bad and considering I'm only working there part-time it's totally practical for me to earn a little cash. I've been an employee for several weeks now and haven't had a problem until recently.

    I clock in on time and do everything that is needed of me. I am still learning, so I do make a few mistakes. I feel like my boss loathes me for not being experienced at everything yet and for being a little clumsy (My fault, I suppose). For example, today I wanted more experience on the pizza makeline so I asked for more training on that. I learned a lot, but still made a few mistakes in the process. I got sent home two hours early. There are times at work where I look around and think to myself: I might be the most dispensable worker here. It discourages me to the point of not being able to enjoy work.

    I like the job and I'm definitely not a quitter. I feel like I might just be making a big deal about it or having a weird streak of bad moodiness. Even so, is there any advice you can give me? Do I just need a better mindset? How can I feel more comfortable at work? Is there anything you do to help you get through a workday? Thanks.
  2. Set goals on the money you want to make and remember that's what you're working towards. Daydream (don't get too lost in your thoughts or do it too much but it can help the time pass). I'm really fucking bad at focusing on things that I'm not genuinely interested and find my thoughts drifting easily but while this can be a negative if you don't get too distracted it can also help time pass. Drink energy drinks or coffee or whatever caffeine you like. Reward yourself after work with a smoke sesh and whatever else you like to do to unwind. Remember that it's just a job and some people work in the hot sun all day and can barely afford crappy food in a lot of poor countries.

    Idk how much of that may help but just some thoughts. Oh and if you have the opportunity listen to some good music when you can throughout the day. Make a playlist of your favorite songs.
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  3. Find a job that you like :p
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  4. you seem to have a good attitude already
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  5. Not sure where you live...I'm in IL and my main rule is never give that much of a shit unless you're making 13+/hour (min wage is like 8.50 here) there are so many other jobs that would hire you for whatever wage you're will making, i'm not saying you should quit, just realize you have other options and maybe that up your confidence and improve your performance
  6. Go beat the shit out of your boss.
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  7. I can't imagine many people would enjoy being "the new guy" at a place like Domino's

    You have a car? If yes ask to be a driver. More freedom
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  8. Your boss hates you because he realizes he's going to be doing that forever
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  9. Your boss is a dick, he should be motivating you, this is usually what happens with untrained/unprofessional managers. You're supposed to make mistakes, that's part of the learning process.
    Don't let his attitude discourage you, this is just a stepping stone into your career path and if not that's ok too, plenty of people move up in that type of industry. Just don't get stuck in the "this is it mindset". find something you love and stick with it.
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  10. You're the new guy...Everybody hates training the new guy.

    They might of sent you home because it wasn't busy...So long as they don't tell you that you are fired, keep going in. Fuck 'em, fuck 'em all.:coolalt:
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  11. My first day at McDonald's I was in control of the fries, and only the fries. And I SUCKED AT IT. Easiest freaking job and I either didn't have enough or had too many. 1.5 years later I left because new management knew less about the place than most workers did but forced their egos on us. Don't let your manager put you down, he's no better than you, he's just made more pizzas.
  12. Just keep going. As long as you make a habit of that, you'll get this work thing licked in no time.

    Everyone feels the way you do at first. It's natural to have doubts. But if every day you improve one no time at all, you'll be one of the top performers.

    Now go get it! :D
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  13. I miss having those kind of shit jobs that I had when I was a kid. I could tell them to fuck off if the boss got nasty and have another shit job within hours somewhere else. Enjoy having just a part time shit job while you can and don't obsess too much if your boss likes you or making mistakes. Are you planning on making Dominos your career? Save your angst for when you're unhappy with a real job and your boss hates you but you have a mortgage so have to eat shit to keep the job. Then you know you are truly an adult.
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  14. Prove to him that you deserve the position, maybe it's his way of motivating you. You are already doing a great job.
  15. Save up some money and have your boss killed ..... then take his place and be an asshole to your staff . Round and round .... Breath in , breath out , repeat .
  16. Just keep trying to learn things. That's a skill that applies everywhere you'll go, forever.

    Also, keep in mind that people sometimes overreact to things, and try not to worry about it too much.

    Lastly, be sure to have something going on outside of your job - don't let any job become your whole life. Whether it's a hobby or something creative, having something you do because you enjoy it will make everything in your life go a little more smoothly.
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  17. Dude you've only been there a few weeks, you can expect yourself to be perfect at it right away. Just stick it out a few more weeks/months and you'll have it down.

    I wouldn't assume your boss has a problem with you unless he's actually bringing one up with you.
  18. Unfortunately since I've posted this, I've been getting fewer and fewer hours. My boss hasn't told me this directly, but one of my co-workers said it's likely because I've been reluctant to become experienced at everything, that I'm only answering phones and folding boxes. Like I mentioned in my post, I've actually been learning new things other than just doing calls. I've been trying hard, but I have a strong feeling that they are pushing me to quit. If I don't, they will probably fire me soon. Personally, I know that most of the fault is on my part for not being the most skilled employee. I guess it's time to start looking for another job. Kind of a bum situation, but I will make the best effort to redeem myself in my remaining days. I'm usually very optimistic, but lately things haven't been going my way and it's hard on me. Nevertheless, I'd like to thank you all for the advice! If you can give any more advice after reading this, I'd appreciate it! Thanks :)
  19. All day long you think of things but noting seems to satisfy. You need something to occupy your brain like electric funeral fire!

    'Too blessed to be stressed'
  20. Use the income to work on a business at home.

    Gotta have an escape plan .. otherwise you're not advancing.

    College is an option, but it's slowly becoming obsolete. You can learn the things they teach you at home on the Internet .. and then apply those skills to your small business.
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