How to extract resin from MFLB glass stem??

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by creemart, Aug 11, 2012.

  1. For a while now ive been looking to clean out my MFLB stem and blaze the resin but i cant figure out how to get it out. I ran out of bud so i wanted to do it tonight. Its really sticky and i would want to smoke it out of my mini bubbler, so any ideas would help.

    thanks guys
  2. man I can't really help you but how is the MFLB? does it get you ripped? do you have the wall adapter?
  3. Use a q tip. Rip off some cotton from the tip, and push it through to the other side. Repeat, and then when it's nice and clean, take the cotton covered in oil and toss it in your box.
  4. Paper clip
  5. I used a little metal poker for cleaning out pipes, and i pushed a little piece of nug through the stem a couple times, all of the resin stuck to that and then i smoked it.

  6. worked better than i expected, all that gunk stuck to that little piece of nug and i just smoked it :smoke:

  7. Yeah it gets me pretty merked but i find its completely different from a smoking high. Its just like a head high no body really. It gets old fast and its kinda hard to get used too. I would completely hate it since i payed $72, but it lets me blaze in my room and it gets the job done without smoke or smell. I dont have the wall adapter and i would only recommend it if you have like lung issues or asthma, or if you need to be discrete about smoking (like me).

  8. is it like safe to vape the cotton thats in there too? lol
  9. Yeah, you just rip off the part with the oil, kinda flatten it out to give you more surface area, and vape it up.
  10. Best way I've found to do it is by heating up the stem for a little bit to get the resin nice and soft. Then get a q tip and take as much cotton off as you can and then singe the last bit of cotton on there with a lighter. The warm resin easily comes off and sticks to the end of the q tip. then you just run the tip of the q tip on whatever you're smoking/vaping from and it comes right off
  11. I normally take a tiny piece of bud that fits tight into the whip, then hold a lighter slightly below it to warm up the oil and push the oil covered bud into the mlfb trench. But taking you have no bud, I would take a needle/straightened out paper clip and heat up the whip slightly (so the oil is easier to move around) and circle it around till you get enough then you can use a razor blade or another needle/paper clip to manevour the oil off of the paper clip/needle into the trench.

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