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How To Explain A Disappearance In Funds

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Tokeytokey_Mr.smoky, Jun 13, 2013.

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    I'm planning on buying an oz and Idk how to explain the 200$ missing Fromm account to my family, any ideas please help.
    I'm not stealing the money it is mine but I would be suspicious if I got paid and there is 200 dollars missing
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    Uhh are you stealing the money? Judging by the wording and shady-ness seems like your a kid asking for ideas to steal from your parents.
  3. You won't be able to... just say you wanna take out money to buy ____ that you already have. Or say you're doing something with friends that costs 200 and just buy the oz and smoke it instead. Go to the moon, not Kalahari 
  4. i agree with previous answers
  5. ask your friend to borrow some clothes for a few weeks and say you used to money to buy the clothes.
  6. Tell em your buying marijuana dood

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  7. have some independence and don't let your family keep track of your account like that?
    also, it's pretty much been covered already, but i'd say think up an event you "want" to go to and say you spent the $200 on that
  8. How about you just scratch your head and play dumb or just say you went out and blew it with your friends? Are you old enough to drink? I spend about $200 whenever I go to the club....that's why I don't get out much.


  9. I would say I'm goin on vacation with a friend to boofoo and you need atleast 200 for everything. once you got everything planned go stay at your friends house for awhile and smoke the oz. hahah not a bad idea.
  10. Got a car? Doesn't it need some "repairs"?
  11. if you have a fund available to your family id suggest to tell them to mind their own damn bisniuss and get your own god damn bank account if your not 18 id say your  achild if your not a  child you need to grow up n tell them to fuck off jesus chist your parents are buzz kills man
  12. if its your money why is it in "your family's" account? assuming youre talking about your parents
    just buy some weed, say you bought weed
  13. If you have a car, it's pretty easy.
    -Fill the tank up
    -Get an oil change, tire rotation, the works
    ^That's almost $100 right there depending on how much your tank holds
    -Say you went out to eat at a nice restaurant for someone's b-day
    -You bought a gift for them for their birthday
    -You payed for your date's dinner too
  14. Find a cheaper ounce. $100 is more reasonable
  15. Maybe in the glorious western states....around here a quarter is $110-120..$100 if your lucky.
  16. I live in WA and pay 100 for a half of fire
    So you are stealing it you theif... (Key phrases to pay attention to guys:"IDK How to explain the $200 missing from my families account, and "I would be suspicious if I got paid and there is $200 missing) 
    Sounds to me like you're parents get a paycheck, and you're wondering how to swipe $200 from them without them noticing it's gone.
    That's just low as fuck man, if you can't afford to smoke, don't. If you are willing to steal from your own family for weed, I can't imagine how shitty of a friend you must be...
  18. just say this
    i bought some mothafuckin weed
    i'm high as fuck
  19. Not necessarily! I'm not gonna take stealing out of the equation, but I understand where OP is coming from.

    My parents can still look at my transactions in my bank account because they signed on when I made the account. I am independent, I have my own job and make my own money, but every once in a while if my parents decide to throw me some money for shits and gigs, they just transfer it to my account and can see my balance because they're technically a part of it. Should I change that soon? Yes, just haven't gotten around to it yet. Believe me, it's tough hiding a MIP charge from your mom when $250 suddenly went to "GPM" (georgia probation management).
  20. Textbooks. Whether you're in high school or college (and it sounds like you're definitely still in one of the two,) textbooks are always the answer. 

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