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How to even out the burn in a joint

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by CanadianToken, Jan 30, 2011.

  1. I have Juicy Jays papers, and i'm new to rolling but lately i've been noticing my burns aren't very even. I even out the bud, do you think its because i dont break it up too much?
  2. its all about the roll even tightness and no loose pockets the best way to fix it when it starts is to lick your finger and get an even line of spit around the cherry itll slow the burn on the quick burn part and let the other side catch up
  3. lick ur index finger a lil and put it on the side thats burning quicker. should slow the burn and even it out
  4. Try breaking it up a little more so it can become more of a full log inside the paper.
  5. If you're still finger busting, I'd recommend getting a grinder. An effective cheap one runs for under $10 online and in local shops. Grinders produce a more evenly diced herb that will result in a more even, smoother burn.
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    honestly it could be the papers. Juicy jays suck. they just dont burn right.
    try some zig zag 1 1/4 or 1 1/2.
    also you need to use a good amount of weed broken up pretty good but more importantly uniform with no big chunks
  7. Everything said above and this for sure. I can't roll with Juicy Jays worth a damn, those papers are so hard to work with, but they taste great... I'm stuck with like 4 packs of them, so I've been handing out papers to friends in need.

  8. a friend of mine actually handed me a juicy paper and told me to put it in my mouth once, not even to smoke it just taste it
  9. agreed with everyone else, lick your finger and wet the side thats burning too quick
  10. You can light the end of the joint again then blow it out, if done right this will even the burn but is a bit wasteful.
  11. Baptize your joint before smoking it.
  12. Haha. That's the first thing my girl did when we got home with the papers.
  13. Haha not gonna lie, they taste great. One time i accidently ripped a side, so i was like might as well lick all the suger glue part first lmfao. But yeah, if i get a grinder, should i get a keif catcher even tho i only buy mids? and for zig zags, 1 1/2 or 1 1/4 ?

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