How to Eradicate Non-Smokers

Discussion in 'General' started by psychoperson25, Nov 20, 2011.

  1. So they don't smoke what do they most likely do instead? They drink. So here is what you do get real drunk with them one night so they don't suspect anything get a shot of booze ready and poison it. Put as much rat poison as you possibly can in it.

    Now you say what if they don't drink?

    Well if they don't drink they are probably religious. Take their trusted theology book and cut out the inside of the book like you would to hide a flask. Then place pressure sensitive explosives inside of it. So next time they pick it up they get a wonderful surprise.

    Now you ask what if they aren't religious and they don't drink? Just shoot em in the head they are making it too complicated.

    When you read the title did you do a double take?
  2. To be fair I feel like doing away with many 'smokers' since a lot of them are downright stupid themselves.
  3. live and let live
  4. [quote name='"Wet Horse Lips"']To be fair I feel like doing away with many 'smokers' since a lot of them are downright stupid themselves.[/quote]

    like OP

  5. Or that stupid jerkface BUDDAMUNK
  6. where in oregon are you from?
  7. Hillsboro it's near Portland if you don't know the town.
  8. I thought I was hallucinating when I saw the title.

    Funny shit.
  9. fuck free will.

    i dont smoke and i dont drink or practice any religion. whatchu gonna do about me HUH HUH??:p
  10. shoot you in the head bro, thats what he said
  11. I feel like i read so much faster when im high

    but then i dont remember what i read at all

    which leads one to wonder

    did i ever read at all?

  12. This should be two lines in a Lonely Island song.

    And yes you lucky fellers get shot in the head.
  13. Land of the high, home of the kush.
  14. Amazing toke
    How sweet the smoke
  15. Smoke if ya got em'
  16. my guns bigger.

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