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How to energize someone after a nap

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by grapeapeyum, Aug 13, 2011.

  1. this is pretty stupid but my cousin is here and he smoked before he got here and he said he was pretty tired and i haven't smoked yet and i told him he can take a nap and i'll wake him up at 12:30 so we can go smoke and watch the meteor shower so what i'm wondering is how do i energize him to go smoke when i wake him up or should i just smoke without him if he doesn't its his weed but i'm getting 3gs in a day or two so i'l smoke him up and all.
  2. Slap your balls in his face, teach the pussy why we don't fall asleep during a potential world ending event...Think of the light show, man.:cool:
  3. Hook him up to an IV that administers Red Bull.
  4. i probably won't do that cause i'm spending the next week with him at the beach
  5. Scare the shit out of them
  6. and drifting apart i dont have redbull or any energy drinks
  7. Shit on his face
  8. Really? Well, I guess we have to use the harder road here. Powder him.:cool:
  9. cant took a shit like two hours ago
  10. what do you meen powder him
  11. give him a trojan mask. put your balls on top of his eye lids and then your dick over his nose. great times.
  12. Piss on his face, fart in his mouth then sock him in the face.

  13. Soon as i read the title i thought "well a dick slap of course..."
  14. lol you guys are fucked up haha
  15. Uhh, if he's too tired to get up that's his problem? Tell him you're going to smoke his weed either way and he can do what he wants. :D
  16. Alright, fine, now you've forced me to think of something inhumane.

    Get a bucket of ice cubes (can be substituted with ice water or kool aid), throw it on him, and tell him to wake the hell up and get to the bomb shelter because the world is ending.

    Then, whenever he chases you down to kick your ass for waking him up, run outside and he'll be so amazed by the meteor shower that he'll forget all about anger and you'll live happily ever after.
  17. Go to a gas station.. 5 hour energy since yall are gonna crash at about that time anyways. Or let me google that for you my man :ey:
  18. Five hour energy, duh.
  19. Hahahaha, i was non stop laughing reading all these comments guys xD. And to your problem man, give him a good sativa and he'll be good to go.
  20. Wake him up with a bowl in his face...he'll be ready, haha.

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