How to dump your GF

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  1. We both came out of year long relationships. She is not my type, uptight, needy, close minded, and just a loud obnoxious girl. Im more chill, open minded, creative, and adventurous about things. Thing is, because we both got out of relationships we rushed into it, weve been together for like 3-4 weeks and ive met her parents multiple times, ate over there. She just bitches like crazy, about me smoking (i told her i quit for her, and i did for a little), about me being friends with people that do drugs, etc.
    Last night we got in a big fight because she thought i was man whoring because one of my friends is a partier. Like, she legitley came to the conclusion even after i reassured her that it was irrational that I was manwhoring it up behind her back. Out of no where.
    I tried to end things, but she started bawling and promising how shed change for us. I just couldnt take it and left it at that.
    So basically, should I dump her, and how so?
    PS Shes best friends with my bestfriends GF so i will see her a lot.
  2. Bro its been a month. Also, it sounds to me like you think she is whack. So dumping her shouldn't be that hard. Just be like "this isn't working out, we are arguing too much. Deuces."
  3. Just break it off with her, and hope she doesnt swing for the man sack.
  4. What god said but my version is shorter "You wack, dueces, nahhhh"
  5. Fuck it, its not worth it man. She's not your type, she's starting shit, and you've only been together for a month. I believe that if you've been with someone for a month or less and you already have a fight then it isn't going to work.

    Break up with her, so what if you have to see her. You're both adults and you're just not compatible, she has to respect it. And if she's acting like a bitch when you guys hang out then just ignore her.
  6. "girl, you're crazy. and i don't want to date you anymore!"
  7. Let her dump you, just do something like ignore her / be busy etc that way she don't feel sad and shit if you're gonna see her a lot ;) I talk from experience haha
  8. You Just slip out the back, Jack
    Make a new plan, Stan
    You don't need to be coy, Roy
    Just get yourself free
    Hop on the bus, Gus
    You don't need to discuss much
    Just drop off the key, Lee
    And get yourself free
  9. Tell her you want to fuck her mom, if that doesn't work try her grandmother, if that don't work just shoot her....LOL nah just send her a text to fuck off...chicks dig it when you break up in a text, they respect it.....But do the mom thing too
  10. ya, but do it via a random phone far away from your home (and move right before hand, new job too...change cars as well...maybe a new name...)...I've seen "fatal attraction", she could get all bipolar on you if she thinks you're leaving her...;)

    spurned psychos are scary...


  11. a last resort, tell he you want to make sweet love to her grandpa (in your best South Park Chef singing voice)...that should do it...:eek::p
  12. Glen Close in that movie would do anything for Michael Douglas....She would have turned him inside out sexually... I'd would love to have had the opportunity with her...and besides I don't like rabbits either :D
  13. this would be a legitimate question if you have been with her for a while....

    but 3 to 4 weeks dude?

    Just break it off.

    Simple as that.
  14. Tell her you cheated on her.

    Best Case Scenario: She is disgusted with you and breaks up with you, and you wont have to worry about her coming back to you trying to get you back.

    Worst Case Scenario: She forgives you. (wtf?)

  15. Or she tells every woman you know that you're a cheater.

  16. Then you tell them you didn't even know you all were going out so it looks like she's crazy.
  17. Just say im sorry but this relationship is not going too well for me. Our personality's don't really match up. Im really sorry but this relationship is not going to work out for me.

    Simple as that. Dont tell her you want to be friends or whatever because you don't even like her personality lol.
  18. Heres how I do it:

    Hey , Im breaking up with you.

    100% success rate.
  19. "Look...
    I don't have any other way of sugar coating this so here it is: you're batshit crazy. You drive me insane in all the worst ways possible. We're done. I'MMA HIT THE CLUBS, BIIIIIITCH! DEUCES!"

    Har har har.

    Something to that effect..
  20. [ame=]Paul Simon - 50 Ways to Leave Your Lover + lyrics - YouTube[/ame]

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