How to dry?

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  1. Hey guys im curious since i dont have a room with controlled humidity and temperature... and my harvest is coming soon. Humidity around here is always aroun mid 70's to mid 90's temps vary around 80f to 98f... i dont want to fuck up my harvest please help
  2. There are lots of DIY dry boxes on the forums and web. GOOGLE is your friend as they say lol. The most important things IMO, are proper temps, humidity, and air flow. I grow in a tent so when harvest comes I remove everything and clean, wipe, and disinfect everything. Then I hang from the ceiling and make sure nothing is touching each other. I slow all the fans down and make sure none of them are hitting the buds directly. The slower the better as far as drying goes, so around 4-8 days depending on environment. If I'm fighting to high humidity I turn up the exhaust fan, to low and I turn everything off and completely close up the tent so that it acts like the cure container. Every one has different conditions so it really does take experience to get best results but you'll get it down. I would recommend writing down everything and taking pictures for your first couple drys and you'll start to see what works and what doesn't. Good luck and let us know how it turns out!

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