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how to dry resin fast

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by 3085, Oct 16, 2009.

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    I think most of the wetness in this guys resin is oils, whne u boil resin u lose these oils u get yellow water and ur resin dries alot faster cuz its mostly water then, these oils do get u as high as the resin itself as ive soaked a nug in it to test, anyway to dry the resin put it on a metal spoon and slowly cook it with a lighter ull see a puddle of these oils gathering on the spoon cuz the heat draws them out then let it cool "it hardens as it cools" flip it over and cook a lil more untill desired, if it looks gooey still it will harden as it cools so its easier to toy with, just be sure u cook it slow.

    do not put ur swampy resin ball in a paper towel and fold it and press like som1 said :p unless u want to deal with that mess, i'm pretty sure u'd either lose like 8 hits of resin or u'd be smoking paper towels.

  2. put some ash in the bowl before you put the resin in, it will keep the resin from falling through when you light it...works great
  3. Put it in the garbage can, pile a bunch of shut on it, and you won't have to worry if it's dry or not.
  4. put it on tin foil and roast the shit out of it
  5. actually, a really good way is if you get a small cookie sheet, or just a small metal pan, and you put the resin on there and you hold a lighter underneath until you dont hear the sizzle of the water anymore. then all you gotta do is let it sit and harden, you may have to do it a second time depending on how much res you got, then just scrape it off the pan, but be careful not to scratch the metal.

    *Note: if you roll it into a ball, you run to risk of it falling through the hole so experiment and find out which way is good for your pipe
  6. i would jus say fuk it take lil t break ,id wait until some thehm buds around but htats me ...hope goes well for ya =)
  7. Paper towel
  8. Roll the resin in some ash, it will dry out and burn better. Trust me
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    After Reading the thread, and venturing other places and my own knowledge.
    I have found this to work 100% the best way to dry & smoke gooey sticky resin from your Glass Pipe.

    This is old school for me but Enjoy!

    The Best way to Dry Resin Fast to smoke it is:

    1. First get it, put it on on a cardboard surface or a spoon.(spoon works best).

    What you will need:
    1. the sticky gooey resin
    2. butter knife.
    3. lighter.
    4. safety pin
    5. 2 BB sized globs

    1. Put the Butter knife on its side(lol) halfway off an end table,table or some surface where your not going to drop the damn thing.

    2. Use the Safety Pin to put the Two BB sized Globs on the tip of the knife, I personally use the first inch to spread out the gooey resin, So that way it burns evenly. I'll explain more below.

    3.Grab your Lighter. Stop Read more.

    4. This is the process. Put your Lighter 4-6 inches below the Butter Knife Now light your Lighter, But don't put it under until you follow on how to do it. (Below)

    5. DO NOT TORCH the Resin! You want the White Part of the flame about an inch off the bottom of the knife to slowly burn it.

    Now the resin will start to bubble, moving your lighter back and forth underneath it about it 8x slowly. Don't let it bubble to much: about 10 seconds worth. then stop the flame.
    and lightly blow on the resin a couple times to help it cool faster.

    6. Now remix up the two BB sized globs and repeat 1-2 two more times.

    7. Use the Safety Pin to scrape the pile onto your surface of choice or put it directly back into your pipe.

    8. SMOKE IT VERY, VERY SLOWLY. You'll be Feeling like you just smokes a small bud.

    Not Needed:
    Tinfoil,Ashes(although does help stiffen it)

    That's it! Enjoy. You'll Be Blazed...
  10. was looking at this thread a few days ago and found that pretty much every method mentioned here i have tried, and gotten similar results from... im interested in developing the best and easiest method to avoid any bullshit or disappointment in the future when im hanging for a cone.

    i used to put it in a little stainless steel bowl and sit it on top of the engine block of my car for abit, this worked, but the engine had to be pretty hot to have any real affect and with this a few times the bowl would heat up too much and literally bake the resin to the side.

    Using tissues/knapkins/whatever works but its only really worth it if you've got a fair amount of resin in a solid sort of mass. if its that soft, granulated looking stuff it'll just stick to the tissue in amounts way too small to be worth picking off.

    At the moment im trying it with a hair dryer on its lowest setting, held about a foot away from the resin which is in a little cup type thing that has a bit of glad wrap with many holes stretched over it so the resin doesnt get blown about and you lose it... heat it for a minute, leave it to cool off, come back later, heat it some more, continue until satisfied. seems to work ok.

    Has anyone tried sticking the resin in a small air tight container with one of those silca gel packs? might be worth a shot.
  11. :D mix it with ashes :D

    :hello:works great :hello:
  12. Hold a hair dryer a decent distance over it.
  13. ew dont smoke resin.
  14. I dont know about the rest of you, but sometimes when I scrape rez out of me bowl it is so wet that it won't take shape, so I just kinda scape it into my bowl, but when i go to light it, it literally turns into liqued and doestn't burn. Anyone know why this is?

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