How to Dry Cannabis?

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    I recently asked my uncle, who is a grower, if I can have some bud. He's a pretty chill guy so, like every other time, he said yes.

    The problem is, when I went over his house, we only had around like 5 minutes to get bud (since I had to go somewhere). He couldn't find any bagged weed, so he just pretty much cut out a branch of his weed, put it in a shopping bag, and gave it to me.


    Now I'm home, and I understand that before I am able to smoke it, it must be properly dried and cured.

    So how do I do this, dear forum? I heard putting it in a ziplock bag and using a hair dryer works to dry it fast, is that true?
  2. let it hang for 4 days, put it in a jar for 30 days
  3. How do I go by hanging it?
    Sorry, I'm a noob :p

    Like, do I just tape it upside down to the wall or something?
  4. hanging them on a home made close line is a good method, you can use anything really
  5. I grow using the SCROG method. I remove all the leaves that don't have crystals. Then I cut off most of the stem and just let it sit on my screen for a few days. I then trim off the rest of the leaves and turn them into canabutter. The bud goes into jars to be consumed about a week later.

    I grow organically. My smoke doesn't give headaches when not cured 30 days. It's also extremely smooth. For standard nuts, you'll want to let it cure 30 days.
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  6. Check Rumple's thread (its a sticky) in the harvesting and processing marijuana section of the forum, it will help you very much i believe :)
  7. ^Thanks mate! :D

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