How to Drastically Increase Mushroom Trip:

Discussion in 'General' started by 4ction, Apr 1, 2006.

  1. I just had to share this with the city

    This thread is on the shroomery forum, and it is a tried and tested method to significantly increase a mushroom trip. BE CAREFUL. You don't want to do a full 8th this way, especially with good mushies.

    I'm doing this tommorrow i think if my friend can hook it up, so ill share my experience.
  2. I ate an 1/8 awhile ago and I'm getting a nice body high.
  3. im definatly gonna try that, sounds intense. I always have lemons lying around from getting baked and making lemonade and it doesnt sound hard to prepare. Goodfind.
  4. Hell yes. I can't wait to try it with lemon/lime juice and 1/4 ounce.
  5. That sounds pretty intense, I might have to do it next time I get mushies.

    Holy shit, I just realized I haven't tripped in a year. I needs to get me some psychadelics.
  6. Sounds to me like if you did that, life would never be the same
  7. Good, that's exactly how I like my shrooms trips. I like them to be so intense and so profound that they alter they way I view existence and everyday life. Imagine, $40-50 for 7 grams of shrooms and I gain wisdom that will guide me forever throughout whatever remains in my journey through life. To me, that is $50 very well spent.
  8. Sounds pretty crazy, I think the cranberry juice methoid sounds like somthing to try.

    The Lemon/lime juice sounds to intense for me hehe.
  9. sounds genius thats why i want to do shrooms in the first place but i think ill start w/ the regular method of consumption
  10. i couldnt get shrooms 2 last night.. maybe tuesday, but its constantly dry where i live. I got a friend in cali who hooks it up, ill give him a ring.

    Feanor, tell us about the trip you hardcore mushroom eater! lol
  11. when god gives you a lemon....squeeze it into a shot glass with some shrooms...
  12. when god gives you a lemon....squeeze it into a shot glass with some shrooms...
  13. when god gives you a lemon....squeeze it into a shot glass with some shrooms...
  14. triple post yo
  15. if i was all of you id steer clear of shroomery for a while... the owner put the site up for auction on ebay. might be bad if somebody buys it with the wrong intention of selling the information to the feds.
  16. ^what information can they sell that the feds don't already have their hands on? Maybe e-mail addresses and PM's, i guess.
  17. whats the shroom powder that they put in the drink? just ground up shrooms?

    I wonder if you could just eat the shrooms and chase um with lemon juice.... eww but if it makes you trip balls why not

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