How to double your yield with half the light

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  1. I'm not sure about the technical ramifications of having a light mover move from one room to another without allowing light to peek through, but if you want to grow your plants to a pretty large size in veg stage, you could create two rooms for flowering without having to purchase an extra light.

    This is all based on theory and not practice, and I'm not sure if it's more economically feasible to do this instead of buying another light, but here's what I figure.

    During the 12/12 cycle, you could light one room of flowering plants for twelve hours and then move your light via some sort of rigging system to your other flowering room.

    I don't know if this more effective than a larger flowering room with a light mover, but theoretically it should be since you would be using 24 hours of light.
  2. There is a box/switcher that you can get, not sure what its called, but you can use one balast to power 2 seperate lights at seperate time. Allowing you to have two flowering rooms running at each half of the 12/12 cycle.
  3. How is the light supposed to move from one room to the other while keeping those flower rooms light proof?

    You are suggesting a way to double your grow without doubling your light fixtures, not with half the light. Interesting idea but seems impractical.

  4. Well, if you cut a hole at the top of your grow boxes and covered them with a light proof mud flap sort of material, it could probably work.
  5. hmm,.. maybe in a box were one flower room would not disturb the other. but still in a box? might as well be in the same room flowering together and save the 12 hrs of electricity........

  6. Light coverage. This way you could make your box big enough for the maximum area your light covers. If it was one big room, those plants on the edge wouldn't really be getting any light, thus two rooms would maximize the potential of your light fixture.

    This is assuming you could construct two boxes cheaper than making one big box with two lights.
  7. they sell the light switches on ebay it allows you to run double the lights than you would be able to normally. Basically it hooks say 6 ballasts to 12 lights and it will run 6 for 12 hours and the other 6 for the other 12. Great idea and definitely something I am looking into for the future.[​IMG]
  8. yea, that what I was talking about
  9. You can run a light relay which will use 1 ballast with two bulbs. The relay(s) are triggered by a timer. When power comes on the relays flip and one side gets power when the timer shits off power the relay resets and the second set of light gets power. This is all and dandy with magnetic ballast but not with digital ballast

    With digital ballast is not as simple and you have to use a Delay On Make Timer which will delay the power to the relays for say 5 min. If you don't do this you'll burn out the digital ballast.
  10. i think it would cost more to set it up then to actually go and buy another light system
  11. you don't move the light, you move the plants!
  12. I thought this thread was going to teach me something I did not know, how to double my yeild with 1/2 lights.


  13. Dude, what are you talking about?

    Are you really saying it would be difficult to move a light fixture from one grow room to a another. Or even move the plants in and out of the growing room for that matter. Whats so impractical or difficult about that concept? It seems like pretty common sense to me
  14. I am saying it would be difficult to set up a light mover that automatically moves the light for you, from one room or chamber to the other, while maintaining light-seal for both rooms/chambers. That's what the OP is asking about. Manually moving the lights or the plants certainly is doable but that wasn't the question.

    I think Drummer summed it up well, \t\tit would cost more to set up such as system than to just buy another light setup.

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