How to do thumbnails?

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  1. I want to put some pics in a post, but don't want to spam people with pics unnessecarily. How do I do thumbnails?

    I couldn't find a suitable place for this thread.

    EDIT: also, when I resize pics in the editor, they come out full size on the actual post anyway.

    Thanks in advance.
  2. Go Advanced > Manage Attachments > Upload you pics man
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    Awesome. + rep man

    EDIT: awesome. +rep for you man
  4. Can someone tell me how to do the opposite lol I can't figure out how to post a picture in a thread without it being a tiny thumbnail?

    I'm not gonna make a thread full of pics I'm just wondering so I can post some bud shots eventually
  5. photobucket?;)
  6. Yeah, just upload it to a website,

    and then use the little yellow and gray mountain button to insert the image.
  7. okay cool I know about photobucket i just didn't know what code to use but yeah mtn button takes care of that:smoking:

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