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how to do a ghost hit?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by 420Juggalo610, Mar 10, 2012.

  1. I seen seth rogen do it now I wanna do it, so how u do it?
  2. Just hold it in.
  3. I hope you're not over the age of 15 and asking this
  4. This is the easiest trick in the book man just push smoke out with your tongue & suck it back in
    [quote name='"Zoxii"']Just hold it in.[/quote]

    Not that kinda ghost man
  5. ghosting a hit is holding it in.

    a "ghost" (i hate that name btw, i just do it naturally,its the way i smoke) is when you draw it in like a cigarette, kinda push it out with your tongue or something and inhale before it goes to far outside your mouth.

    that's all i got, its hard to explain i just do it unless im bongin'
  6. ive been ghosting for a while cause its a good way to get rid of smell but its really not worth it on your lungs which is why im going back to vaping
  7. Where do you see Seth Rogen do this? Pineapple express?
  8. [quote name='"420Juggalo610"']I seen seth rogen do it now I wanna do it, so how u do it?[/quote]

    Lol this is always fun and I usually find it easier to do it in my truck with the windows up or my garage with the door down (anywhere that blocks any breeze). Okay first what you do is take a good size hit but don't inhale just hit it and hold it. Then I make my lips form as if I was going to blow a bubble with gum, then just open and close your mouth but letting the smoke out as if you had a smoke ball in your mouth. Then when it's big enough to your liking suck it all back as fast as you can and then you did the ghost inhale! :D
  9. its actually called a "snap inhale"
  10. In my experience you just let the smoke float out of your mouth a lil before bringing it into your lungs, not too much or you'll be using your mouth as a vacuum cleaner sucking the wasted smoke outa the sky
  11. Seths looks computer animated if you have DVR or DVD and keep rewinding.

    I started practicing though with blunts. Joints are a bit harder. But practice makes perfect. Not even perfect, it won't ever look like the movies.
  12. The smoke in that movie was indeed CGI, from what I heard. It totally looks fake if you pay attention.
  13. ^^^ lolwhut

  14. dont hate on 15 year olds, shoot i was ghostin when i was 15. Hope he's not over the age of 12. xD
  15. Its actually called a million different things............theres no correct terminology sheesh :rolleyes:
  16. [quote name='"claytonb11"']

    Its actually called a million different things............theres no correct terminology sheesh :rolleyes:[/quote]


    i have heard it called ghosting a hit and many other different things...

    its just how i smoke it. also how i smoke butts...probably because i started smokin butts before i started smokin trees

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