How to dispose of trimmings?

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  1. Well I'm not at this points yet but I'm just trying to think of all the possible scenarios. I live in a large condo building with over 80 apartments. There is a community dumpster but I think it's under surveillance. I'm wondering what I can do with all the trimmings when I'm done. I've heard you can blend them into a puree and flush them down the toilet.
  2. Drive around the block and dump in someone elses dumpster?
  3. Just drive down the interstate and spread the love and let them fly out the window bro

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  4. Use your clippings as mulch.
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  5. I'm sure that works fine for small amounts but if any sap gets in there it's a bitch to clean, got to use 91% iso to get it out.

    I have woods in my backyard and still bag them up with the rest of my garbage.
  6. Grind em. Keep em dry and use for a raining day wen ya absolutly stressed to max and broke!!! It all smokes lol . Ya masive root ball just compost or bin it xxx
  7. keep your trim
    can make some lovely ice bucket hash from your trim
    problem solved

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  8. I like the blender idea. chop it up in the blender then put it in your regular trash bin. Throw some moth balls in there if you're worried about smell and toss it in the dumpster.
  9. Use sugar leaf for hash and the rest either compost or drive out to a public dumpster at night and toss it, use one with no surveillance cameras.
  10. Like someone said keep em.You can make edibles with them or just smoke them when they're dry enough.

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