How To Dispose Of Broken Bong?

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  1. Something rather tragic has happened in my household. My husband accidentally broke one of our glass bongs. Although we are still mourning this horrible tragedy, I realize that we have to move on with our lives. My dilemma at this moment is finding a way to dispose of my beloved.
    I live in a VERY rural area that does not offer recycling. Also, living in a state where marijuana is illegal, that would not really be feasible. Would it be ok to throw it in the trash. I highly doubt that the garbage man would really dig through a bag of garbage and really don't think that he'd report finding it in there, but my husband is rather apprehensive about this.
    Please let me know your thoughts, as tomorrow is garbage day. And please keep us in prayers while we heal from our loss. Thank you.

  2. Honestly just put it in your trash. If you don't feel comfortable with that, spray it down with some disinfectant/air spray (to make your trash smell fresh? Lol). But yeah, if you have black bags put it in that.

    I know it's not exactly "proper" but when I lived with my parents and broke my pieces, I wrapped them in a plastic bag you get from a store and threw it in the woods.
  3. just put it in a bag and toss it in the trash or find a dumpster if your really sketched
  4. Throw it in the trash
  5. Take any carboard box from garage and put it in that then in a garbage bag so it doesnt cut anyone. Then toss it in the gabage can and put it by the road for pickup
  6. Put it in a bag, smash the bag so that the bong is shattered beyond recognition. Throw it away as if you were getting rid of some broken glass bottles or something.
    Sorry for your loss btw. loosing bongs suck
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    Just get a tub(maybe big Folgers?) and break the glass down enough so you can fit it in the tub. Put it in the trash like anything else. If it isn't clean and smells you can probably get some Gorilla tape(or duct tape) and tape it up.
    If you are ultra paranoid you could cement the inside of the tub and let it dry before throwing away.
    There are other ways of disposing of it but I'm guessing you don't want to drive with it, so that rules most of them out.
  8. I just went ahead and tossed it in a black garbage bag and threw some beer bottles in there. I doubt the garbage man would even care anyway, as I've seen him take a piss in my driveway. I thought about burying it and having a proper funeral, but the guy who owns the land surrounding us has been out planting his fields and I sure as hell don't want to mess up any of his farm equipment.
    I think that for now I will just take this loss one day at a time. Time will heal the wounds.
  9. Your garbage man seems cool lol.
    He's pretty kick ass when he actually comes and picks up the garbage.
  11. Throw it in the trash or break it to smitherines if you have the heart
  12. Me and my friends have a lake that we have thrown all of our broken glass peices into since we were probably 16. Its a fishing lake so no ones swims in it and step on glass haha
  13. idk when i dispose of things i usually put them in the trash.
  14. the first bong i broke was a pure 20'' single 6arm perc and i was vey pissed cause it was my first bong too so i felt i had to do something special for this one. so me and a friend hiked 2 hours up a mountain had a massive session then threw it off of about a 300' cliff. :D  photo.jpg
    Great, throw your garbage up in the mountain, real fucking cool. :mad:
  16. you could have saved that with duct tape
  17. Maybe you could recycle it at a grocery store like its one of the glass bottles?

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  18. my friend and i broke our roor bong on 420 we dumped it in a nearby dumpster without a second thought.
  19. Don't be like some people in this thread and throw glass in the woods or in the water..
    OP you don't seem like you would do stupid shit like that anyway, considering you mentioned recycling.
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    All glass should just go In the trash. He is a garbage man you act like he doesn't do drugs with the shitty job he has. He doesn't care what you throw away as long as it's not a person. And he 100% isn't going through anyone's trash because I promise he will say they don't pay me enough for that.

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