How to disguise a Magic Flight Launch Box for on the go.

Discussion in 'Vaporizers' started by PackSoLOUD, Jan 29, 2014.

  1. I'm about to get my MFLB replaced because it messed up. Since im planning on getting a desktop vape, i decided to go with the MFLB for travel.

    I would like some ideas for how to disguise the MFLB for on the go. Like i remember someone here saying they use their mflb through a small plastic mcdonalds cup or something.
    would love to hear some ideas. I was thinking of using through my sweater sleeve, and blowin vapor inside my sweater.
  2. Take out the stem and palm it if your hand is big enough. The only problem with this is you'll get sore spots on your hand.
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    It's easy enough to just palm it native, and cover it with both hands as if you were lighting a cigarette. However, I came across this recently, so if you're looking to be crafty, go for it. Try to ghost your hits too if you can, or just blow it downwards/away from others.
    that is dope, can you please make a video with your phone on how to do this, step by step lol.  U dont have to use your voice or show your self bro. But the MFLB community will definitely appriciate it if you provided a how to video. or at least how to rules lol. 

    Thanks, i will attempt, but i doubt i can accomplish it to be like yours. I'm not as crafty. But i will try, and i'll provide pics when i'm done.
    HAHA, Nice...I used to do this with my Iolite..thing was super stealth. Was great on the beach.
  6. Why do you need it to be so amazingly stealthy?  Just it by itself is pretty un-noticeable.  If you're trying to vape in class I would recommend against it no matter how you hide it.  
    I have heard though of people putting it inside a capri sun pouch, and putting the mouthpiece out the straw hole.
  7. It's not mine, I just found the image :confused_2:
    not trying to vape in classes or during. But i have the terrible gaps and breaks through the day, and i definitely wanna be a little blazed for that lol. 
    I've never had a problem just hiding it in my hand using it without the glass stem.  You can then quickly pocket it if needed.
  10. Off topic but I have my vapir N02 rigged in a speedway cup. If anyone wants to see I can take pictures and explain how I did it.
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    If someone ask just say its a ecig machine lol
    but really just get a good quality vape pen.
  12. This ^^
    Use it in a bathroom stall, outside walking around... I've never had an issue.
    If anyone asks, it's my inhaler :confused_2:
  13. It genuinely is my inhaler - I have completely conquered asthma with this fantastic little device. I've gone from being 100% dependant on a steroid (seretide) Purple inhaler, to never having used it again since my first ever vape which I am glad to say was with the MFLB, I landed on my feet.
    I have no need to carry it about with me, 1 vape at home every 2 weeks keeps the asthma away, but its great seing the different ways in which it can be concealed just so I know for possible future needs.

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