How to: Device to pass probation piss tests

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  1. Well.. I get tested for probation monthly.

    Instead of using just a bottle, which is quite easy for my P.O. to see, since he watches me... I came up with this little ingenious idea.

    Materials needed-
    Eye drop bottle (I used a Baush & Lomb 2 FL oz bottle)
    Small rubber tubing
    Duct tape

    Step 1- Drill a hole into the eye drop bottle top so that it squirts out easy.

    Step 2- Place rubber tube into the bottle, just barely though, so that it catches any liquid coming out.

    Step 3- Duct tape the tube into place so that it holds it and seals it (no one wants piss on their pants.....)

    You're DONE.

    Now to use, either wear tighty whiteys or tape the bottle under your sack... tape the tube in a couple spots with a small amount of tape so its running up your dick.

    Put a piece of duct tape on the end of the tube so nothing leaks out... Take the tape off when its time to piss

    I will be testing this method out tomorrow morning, but I'm pretty sure it's foolproof.

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  2. looks pretty legit. hope it works for you man. let us know.
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    Yeah, I'm sure it'll work. I used just a bottle last time... so i dunno, this should be good.

    I'll let ya'll know tmr how good it goes.. if ya dont hear from me then they caught me :p haha
  4. You just want to make the urine stays at body temperature, as they check this variable.
  5. Most places do. But my court house is cheap as fuck and they don't check temperature. Just a cheap ass 4-panel dip stick.
  6. Oh, well then you're in the clear brah. Let us know how it goes.
  7. Ha ha good luck (again) You fucking rebel you!
  8. its getting ridiculous lol..

    But this is only my back up plan... i just went and got clean piss from someone.

    I've been clean for 12 days, i have a detox drink, and ima start slammin water tonight, wake up in the morning, take the detox, slam more water, piss piss piss, take a "first check home drug test" .. if i fail that, i'm going to use the clean piss. If I don't fail it, i should be good..
  9. alwasy smart to have a back up plan when your on probo, piss that clean shit bro!!
    this proly means you can smoke today, depending on the freguency of your ua's?
  10. i COULD smoke today, but i might at well see if im clean enough to piss tomorrow. If I pass the piss test tmr (regardless of which way i do it) i'll be able to smoke for 1 or 2 weeks straight. I get piss tested roughly every 30-35 days
  11. holy fuck.

    I just downed 2 liters of water in 10 minutes after eating 3 pieces of pizza.

  12. No yakkin goin on here!

    Finna start on my second 2 liters of water :eek:
  13. how many leters equal a gallon, yo shouldnt drink more then a gallon a day.
    also how close does your PO look whenyor pissin?
  14. Easiest way for me to get motivation to drink lots of liquid is to buy a case of beer and go to town... I figure it's primarily water anyways..
  15. 3.7 Liters is a gallon

    It all depends.. some times hes right on me, some times hes 3 or 4 feet back.

    I have a bottle n clean piss ready to go if i dont pass the "First Check" home drug test i bought.. ima take that in the morning before i go.
  16. yeah your gravy then, shit probo suckes i was on for a year in HS, i remmebr before my first test i smoked/ate as much as i could 3 days up to it so my levels would be hella high and they would let them gradually "go down":cool:, but after that thats when the pills came.
  17. Man.. i was on probation for two years.. commited this crime right at the end of my probation (1 year ago) ... they charged me 1 year later.. so now im back on this fuckin shit... this time its even heavier probation.. i use to get mouth swabs which were a piece of cake to pass.. now im on felony probation with piss tests. They can suck my dick.
  18. quote for mutherfucking truth.
  19. Damn dawg, i got AT LEAST two good homies locked up right now too... I hope I dont gotta go see them tomorrow!

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