How To Determine Your Plants Preferred Nutrient Strength

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  1. It sounds like you have the concentration spot on if it isn't moving much from day to day. Once it starts dropping, it will needs raising a little.

    For example if it drops from 300 to 280 in 24 hours, then try it at 320. That shouldn't be far off

  2. Ok thanks for confirmation just been really nervous with this first time hydro
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  3. Hey everyone,
    I had something interesting happened today, my ph after adjusting it to 5.8 in my reservoir tank rises slowly to 6.7-6.9 after a day or so which i figured was from the enzymes i have been adding, ok yesterday i added dextrose because i am well into flowering and i needed more sugars and when i checked the ph it was at 5.3 so does that means that the dextrose lowers ph ?
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  4. Very informative.

    Need need need a tds meter asap... I've been having nute issues from day one.
  5. How big is your rez? If it is small like under 50 gal it can fluctuate a lot. An yes TDS meter is absolute in hydro. At least for someone only being in it a year like me. An check it twice a day till you get it straightened out. Especially right after a flood unless your in Dwc. Then I'm not much help. Good luck. Or ask goldgrower he can tell you for sure.
  6. Hey man I'm running two 5 gallon DWC buckets with 3 gal in them. I don't have the meter so I can't say whether or not it's been fluctuating. Soon as I get my tds pen I'll try and find its preferred tds.
  7. Great thread and info here... I am on my first grow and using ebb and flow with 4" Rockwell cubes. Will this method work for me?
  8. Sure will. I have 1 inch plugs in hydroton filled 1 gal smart pots in a ebb an flow system. Easiest grow ever done so far. Follow gold Gower info in this thread back to beginning an you will be successful. My grow is doing awesome.
  9. You make due with whatever method you choose.
  10. Sorry I meant can I use this method to determine proper nute strength since my girls are in cubes and not directly in the solution.
  11. T
    Thank you. I wanted to use hyrocoton but ended up using rw. Hope they don't hold too much water.
  12. Just start off flooding once a day for a while an watch to see how fast they are drying out. Humidity an temp of room will make huge difference so keep that in check an air flow around room. I filled pots about 3/4 way with hydroton an then put loco Coco soil to top of pot. It will keep enough mositure around plug when flooding once a day until they start to really take off then increase to 2x a day. I didn't go to 3x a day until they were about 45 days veg then flipped lights. Also noticed a huge drop in pH after about 4 days of 12/12. Topped about 2 weeks before flip at 25 inch tall using 600 watt. Best advice I got from gold Gower use TDS an feed only what they need an the bigger the Rez the easier it is. I could leave mine for a week an not have had to worry about any fluctuations. An still used same Rez water into flower.
  13. I'm very new to growing and everything that comes with it. I'm a little confused and feel like i'm missing something here. You say to check your ppm after you've mixed your solution. Then check it 24 hours later. And if the ppm is higher than before, the plants are taking up a weaker solution and you should add more water. Could that also just be a result of the water in the reservoir evaporating? Maybe this is a totally useless question. I'm half awake working a night shift right now.
  14. You will get some evaporation but if the temps are where they are supposed to be then evaporation will be minimal in 24 hour. It also depends on how many plants you are watering an how often. Also are they all the same plants or do you have a variety. If variety then some may feed more than others which will give you some descripences. Such as you may see slight nute burn on ones that are lighter feeders. It's a combination of evaporation an watering that will cause the need for topping off Rez. What you are trying to do is maintain a steady pH an ppm. Once the ppm starts to fall or increase consistently then you make adjustments to top off or increase nutes. Depending on Rez size it may take a week to get everything lined out. Say 50 gal or bigger. Off the advice of gold grower a bigger Rez is much easier. Mine is 120 gallon. It could be left for about a week untouched.
  15. Help me out please... Looking for the best nutrients for the hydro plants

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  16. Keep it simple.
    All brands are roughly equal. The 3 part General Hydroponics Flora nutes work fine, as will most other brands, maybe with some CalMagic. Save time, money, and effort, by not buying those teas and nectars, which make us feel better, but that probably do no good. Many hydro growers use half of what the nute companies recommend, usually learned after getting nute burn from the recommended dosages.
  17. Thanks for the feedback

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  18. Yhey

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  19. They were out for photos purposes only they are in dark bases

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