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How to deposit large sums of cash into a bank?

Discussion in 'General' started by Five To One, Mar 14, 2008.

  1. I was thinking about a safety deposit box, but i hear that is unsafe. Its become to much to leave laying around my house....

    anyone have any suggestions, i don't know where else to ask :rolleyes:

    ....without anyone knowing that is.;)
  2. what a terrible, horrible, no good very bad problem to have :rolleyes: lol
  3. Speeeeeennnnndit.
  4. lol, although its not a bad problem, its pretty scarry.
  5. why not a house safe? thats how i do...cash/pistols
  6. Invest in a badass bong and a shitload of weed
  7. This is money ive been saving for years from my... side business. Want to save it not spend it.
  8. yea, i typically go with "investments" rather than letting the cash sit around...
    i mean, fuck saving shit up. i know whenver i had random piles of cash sitting around, id put maybe one or two random piles in, and spend the rest, its always nice to spend cash on things that will make you happy right then and there, cause you can always sell them later, or still continue to enjoy them. i can honestly say, some of my rediculous spending spress produced some of the best shit i own.
  9. Ah. I say either invest in stock or bonds, or open a savings account and deposit a little each month
  10. ^^ yea dude hire a good broker man.

    portfolios and savings man. let that shit grow.
  11. Thats a problem I have never had. The question seems too easy...............you must be talking about some serious loot here, other wise I'm assuming you would have just put it in the ol' savings account lol, or opened up a seperate account for your small business. Either way I have no experience with large sums of money, I just wanted to talk to somebody that does, good luck...peace out.
  12. I have a savings account, but don't I have to report what its from, then pay taxes on it and all that? Can i work with a broker and give him the money in cash, then after a while pull it out and say its money made in the stock market.
  13. you could work with a banker yes, but by the sounds of it, this money is not legal money, nor would giving it in large sums to someone be a smart idea. i say, unless your willing to pay taxes on it, disclose where it came from, or tell someone exactly why you have a giant hunk of cash worthy of its own account, then just sit on it. theres a reason scarface was pissed at his accountant, and thats because clean non laundering accountants are cheap, while dirty ones who will cover your money trail, are not.
  14. If you looking to preserve your wealth and minimize how much space your "savings" take up. You can't go wrong with some gold and or silver bullion. Much easier to hide, fairly liquid if you don't have an immediate need to spend, and the ultimate form of wealth preservation.

    The value of the US dollar is declining so rapidly that putting your money in a "safety" deposit box or even a savings account will LOSE you money.

    Also of note: if a bank "goes under" (as is looking quite possible in our current economic settings) the belongings in those "safety" deposit boxes becomes the property of the FDIC.
  15. How much can i deposit into my savings without getting questioned, where it from ect...

    I just dont think that its safe to do that though.

    Edit* I will consider the gold & silver.

    I don't mind paying taxes, as long as i don't get questioned. (it's 5 digits)

    The money is not illegal but i can't tell the bank where it came from.
  16. I never have. Apply for a debit card
  17. dude, i got an easy answer. .


  18. nah dude you can work with stock and investments a lot easier than you think.

    the tricky part about money only comes when youre working with/through banks,

    there are plenty of people out there who still work with cash.

    just say you won it in vegas.

  19. So I can go to a stock broker, or something in that nature, and make an investment and pay in cash?

  20. That would be a great idea.... if i was 21.... lol couple more months...

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