How to delete a previous thread made by myself?

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  1. If I posted a thread months back that I either no longer want to be posted/isn't relevant anymore, how can I delete it? I've tried to figure it out and all I can figure out how to do is edit the post, or report it.

    Is there some way to just completely delete my own thread or is that not an option..?
  2. I can be an ass hole when I want to be. So I thought of a good one that may work for ya. If you can, edit your post with obscene pictures or text and I can report it. It will get deleted.
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  3. Will it effect my general account? I don't want to end up banned or have my account get deleted for breaking guidelines etc ... but your idea is pretty smart and if it won't cause issues with my account, and only delete the thread in question I'm all for it! Lmao
  4. Haha that’s exactly what I was gonna say too. Class :)
  5. Just go to the post, hold down alt + f4 - it'll give you edit/delete settings.
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